Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Broken Fridge

Yep you heard me right. I broke my dang fridge. For some reason it squirts water out the back and the door doesn't seem to seal as good as it used to. Crapola!!! What to do?? Register for one for my wedding? Hmmmmmm...

Well it just so happens that A Hippy mom posted on her blog about this fabulous thing Samsung and Twitttermoms have teamed up and are offering! They are offering a fabulous giveaway to one lucky blogger of, check it, a FRIDGE!!! HELLOOOO! I so need to win this bad boy. This is not just your simple fridge either. This is a super cool Samsung French Door Refrigerator (RFG297AARS)!! Click HERE to view this Fridge's stats!

So I am joining the crowd and hoping to win this new fridge so that I can pick the towels up off the floor that now live in front of my fridge. How? By following the contest rules of course! If you are interested in learning these rules, or perhaps learning the rules so you too can enter this giveaway and go up against me in the battle for the awesome Samsung fridge, go ahead and click HERE.

Most of you, My fabulous readers, know that I have the best Baby DIVA ever. Baby DIVA however, lives up to her name and requires constant attention and her Diva needs are constantly requiring my watch. This does not leave much time for me to prepare meals. I know! I know! I am always raving about what this Pink Haired Momma is up to in the kitchen over there on facebook. But in order for me to produce those fabulous meals I have a few simple prep steps that I must do each week. I am now going to share these little tidbits with you!

1. Grocery Game: That is right! I am an avid Grocery game player. I clip coupons from the Sunday paper, from every magazine I come into contact with, I swipe coupons at the store, I register on my favorite brand websites and receive coupons in the mail, you name it and I coupon it. If there is a coupon within a few mile radius I am on it! I then take the advice of the grocery game and utilize these coupons when items go on sale. I buy in bulk and stock up at rock bottom prices. This in turn leaves me always having exactly what I need in my kitchen, as well as all the other areas of my home. So any ingredient a recipe calls for, I am most likely to have hanging out in the pantry, fridge or freezer!! Fabulous!
2. Sunday Food Prep: So after I grocery game the stores each week, I then sit down and plan out 3-4 meals for the week. I then spend Sunday afternoon prepping these meals. By Sunday prep I mean I either go ahead and bake the items or I just cut and put all ingredients together in bags or containers so that the day I want to cook it it is ready to rock and roll. By preparing 3-4 possible dinners on Sunday we as a family have a whole weeks worth of meals, both hubbs-to-be lunches and our dinners. Works out fabulous for us. (oh and I am a bit of a freak and can taste plastic in leftovers that are stored in plastic containers, so I have to store everything in glass containers).
3. Fabulous Hubbs-to-be: This is the most important step in my weekly food prep. Hubbs-to-be never gets mad if I am too tired to cook. And by preparing earlier in the week, this enables Hubbs-to-be to come home from work and get himself dinner or easily pick up where I left off and cook up dinner for the family. It works wonderful for us!


  1. That looks like the fridge of my dreams!

  2. Modern Mom!
    Thanks for coming by! It is my dream fridge too! I think it would like quite fabulous here in my kitchen!!!

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