Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hubbs-to-be needs a name

It has just occurred to this Pink Haired Momma, that in a mere 10 days, Hubbs-to-be will not be Hubbs-to-be anymore. Nope! That dude is locked in to this Pink Haired Momma for life or longer, BY LAW! SHHHHH Don't tell him. He make run away quivering with fright wondering what the heck has he got himself into...marrying this crazy Pink Haired Momma! Well with the commencement of our vows, I think it only necessary that my darling Hubbs-to-be get a new name in the blogosphere. What do you think?

I chatted it up with hubbs-to-be and we came up with a few names that could possibly replace the hubbs-to-be name status. Now, I am at a loss, and do not know which to chose. So I am leaving it to you, my fabulous blogosphere Friends. I would like you to chose what name you would like to see Hubbs-to-be taken on after our fabulous nuptials in 10 days!!
A little about the names:
1. Obvious
2. He is a photographer by passion
3. Personal pet name
So please my friends, have a vote and help me re-name Hubbs-to-be! I will announce the new name in my first post as a married woman, in less than 2 weeks!


  1. Wow.. only 10 more sleeps?? That's sooo exciting. So happy for you!!

  2. Ms and Mrs Pink hair...I love it :)
    If you would like come check out my site for a giveaway:

  3. Hi Pink Haired Momma, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, All the best to you and BTW, I'd call him Hubbs-for-life

  4. Michele
    It is so exciting and so scary. i am actually starting to get a little nervous!!

  5. Priscila
    Thank you! And yes I would love to swing by your giveaway. on my way...

  6. Menopausal New Mom
    i LOOOOOVE your name suggestion! Hubbs for life is fabulous. I posted in on FB and had someone tell me i can alaso refer to him as H4L. Too cute! thank you!


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