Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time out for mom Theta Mom Thursday

Last week I accepted the challenge set forth by Theta Mom and decided every week from here on out I would steal 1 hour of time that is devoted to just ME!! And I kept my word.

This week Hubbs-to-be watched Baby DIVA while one of my dearest friends and myself took an exercise class. Now you might be thinking WTF? Why are you working out on your one hour of freedom?!? Well this is not your ordinary exercise class. Nope! It is Night Club Cardio . That is right. My friend and I got our rolls a flapping out on the dance floor and sweated it up!

It was so much fun! I haven't had fun exercising like that since I was a size 5 and living it up in the college life style! All the other participants were about our age (early 30's) and this made the whole event quite inviting. The facility is an actual club, during non "club" hours. The lights are turned off. The DJ starts a spinning. The disco ball is a twirling and all us ladies and gents are lead through a 60 minute shake down of our flubber! Seriously, it was so much fun and such a super workout. I am incredibly excited about it. I worked out. Got some good exercise. Fabulous conversation with my friend. And a whole hour devoted to just me!

And guess what?
I am going back next week!! Alone! Hubbs-to-be and Baby DIVA have their special time while I flab shake!!

Thank you Theta Mom for starting the Time out Thursdays for us moms. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us that to be a good mother to our children we also have to take care of ourselves, and that includes our sanity!!!

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  1. That sounds freakin AWESOME! I would love to shake it on the dance floor...sweating some calories away actually sounds fun there, with a DJ and all! So glad you shared your rockin time out and that you linked up! :)

  2. how cool?! i've never heard of anythinig like that glad you had such a fun time out!! :o)

  3. That sounds like a BLAST. I can't remember the last time I was in a night club for night club type

    Awesome time out, thanks for visiting my place, now I'm going to go poke around yours.

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  5. Dude that is what I need to do is exercise LOL... if only!

    That is a perfect timeout you how momma! I LOVE pink hair, I have always wanted pink hair since who was it in the 80 or 90 that had pink and black hair , wow I am dating myself arent I LOL

    Glad you enjoyed my post.... :)

    Happy timeout thursday girlie!
    Peace out

  6. oh crap I meant to type you HOT momma and it looks like I wrote cow OMG LOL......

  7. Oh, I am so jealous. I would love nightclub cardio. Now I've got to find a class in my area. Have fun when you go back next week.

    Thanks for stopping by my place and being my newest follower. Now, I am yours! :0)

  8. OMG that sounds like loads of fun! I would LOVE that!! -The Penny-Pinching Mama :)

  9. That is so cool! I wish they had something like that here. Im glad you liked it!

  10. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. It also sounds like the kind of place where you don't even have to feel embarrassed if you can't dance! good Theta Mom!

  11. That sounds like so much freaking FUN!! Seriously--I would loooove to do that! I can't wait to hear how next week goes.

    Love your blog, by the way!

  12. That sounds like great fun......Hope you will visit my Christmas blog...
    A great giveaway is on for the entire month of OCT...and all it takes is a comment...

  13. I really would love to shake my booty working out at a club! It's been YEARS since I went dancing : (

    I'm gonna check to see if we have anything like that here, if not I'm gonna start one in my basement!

    Awesome hair and blog! Love it!

  14. That is the best time-out EVER!!! I am going to look it up to see if they offer something like that in my area.

    I'm so excited for you that you get to go again next week! :)

  15. Wow thanks you guys for all coming by my blog. I had a blast reading about all of your adventures in finding a mommy time out. A big thanks to Theta mom for getting this time out going. I am so excited to continue on and hear about everyones exciting weekly time outs!!!

    woooohoooo! YAY for 1 hour mommy time outs!!

  16. WOW... that sounds super fun!! Good for you. I think I may have to try that one of these days.

    "Sometimes we just need someone to remind us that to be a good mother to our children we also have to take care of ourselves, and that includes our sanity!!!" ~ well said!!! What an awesome mom you are.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!! I absolutely LOVE your site... I look forward to following along with you now...


  17. OMG! I would love to take a class like that. You must have had a blast! I'll have to see if a class like that is offered in my area. Thanks for the idea! Glad you got some deserved time. :)

  18. blog hopping and found you. there was a time when I used to be able shake what my momma gave me. now I don't remember what my rump shaker is for anymore. ha.

  19. Great blog Pink Haired Momma!!! Also a great idea to take time out for yourself :)

    I'll be back to read more of your stories!

    Cheers, your newest follower, Holli in Ghana

  20. I can not tell you how flattered I am that so many people stopped by and read about my flab shaking adventure. You guys are amazing. I look very forward to getting to know all of you more and stalking all of your blogs!! Thanks again! And please keep me posted on your flab skaing adventures!!!


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