Monday, October 5, 2009

Laughing at Life

I have a secret talent. a talent like no other. This little talent reared itself in the early college days of tequila shots and Vodka IV's. Last week at my bridal shower, my dear friends gave me a beautiful toast about our friendship and our history together. It was wonderful. And it was followed by a request that I perform the talent that has graced many a parties, many a stories, many a laughs over the last 16 years. Today I am lucky enough to share this moment with you, as my soon to be sister in law caught this wondrous moment on tape! ENJOY! and yes I did win an award in college for this talent!!!

I now present you with the...

And if you take notice, you will see I did in fact take tequila shots before this talent took place, for old time sake!!


  1. LMAO I almost peed myself laughing so hard!

  2. Rikki!
    I am so glad you giggled! you know it used to be a lot funnierr when i was not so fluffy!! LOL


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