Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Toilet Review

I have some news to share with my readers about my toilets! In light of the last few days of me sniffing the insides of my toilet while barfing my guts up for no good reason since I didn't even lose a single pound, I made a very important discovery. This discovery comes as quite a shock to me. A year or so ago I never would have dreamed that this type of information would seem pertinent in my life. Well now that I am a domesticated Pink Haired Momma, who barfs, this is incredibly important information!!!

We use Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel in our bowls around the Pink Haired Momma house. Our toilets have a very clean appearance and the gel works fabulous. It is so simple to use. Even Hubbs-to-be has mastered how to put the gel in the toilet. You open the package. Put the wand on the inside of the bowl and push. It is kind of like using a wand with play dough. After you give the wand a little push, a cute little blob of blue gel sticks to the side of your toilet bowl. It hangs out there cleaning and deodorizing silently for up to an entire week while I the Pink Haired Momma do not have to be concerned with sticking my hands in the bowl and giving it a scrub scrub! I LOVE it! The scent of the gel is a tad bit strong on the "clean" end of the spectrum, however it keeps my bowls a sparkling, so I don't mind the overpowering smell too much.

Well that was before the puke fest the last few days. Sure my bowls are quite sparkly as I lean in to spill my guts, but the smell is horrendous! I don't really care to see my sparkly reflection as I heave my insides to the porcelain god, I would much rather have dingy bowls and no smell. I think half of my stomach problem was the fact that I had to catch a disgusting whiff of the sparkling clean bowls each time I heaved. Seriously, if you are in the market to be a professional puker anytime soon (ie geting your self knocked up in the near future), I highly recommend steering clear of this awesome gel. You will be nesting anyway so you wont give a crap about cleaning the bowl, but the smell will push you over the edge of barfhood!!

This review is purely of my own opinion and my own personal thoughts. I was not compensated in any way nor was I given any product to test for review.


  1. Ohhhh....I love a tried and truly tested product cuz you hate to waste money on something that does work. Glad to know these are worth the trial. Thanks!

  2. LMAO... You always make me laugh!

    I have always wondered if those things work. Thanks for the review! Will have to give them a try for sure. I hate cleaning toilets.

    Hope this post means you are feeling better, and back to your awesome self!! ;)

  3. Talk about timing, I had that little wand full of gel on my "Try It Out" list. Won't be buying it now even though I don't have any plans to have my head in the bowl anytime soon!

    Hope you're feeling better, by the way Love The Hair!

  4. Kekibird: they very much are worth the purchase as long as you do not intend on barfing soon! :)

    Michele: I am feeling much better! Thank you! And the gel does fabulous. I hate cleaning toilets too. This is a staple product in our house, however if i get pregnant again it will be dismissed.

    Menopausal new mom: You are too cute. I love the gel and how it works the toilet bowl but the smell is potent. Thanks for my happy comment on m yhair. I have so much fun being a Pink Haired Momma!!


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