Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

If you don't already frequent thrift stores to purchase baby clothes and baby toys, you should start, IMMEDIATELY!!! Our kiddos grow way to fast to be dropping $100 on a t-shirt. It is simply ridiculous.

I have a fabulous thrift store that I swing by at least once a week. Baby DIVA has received some fabulous items from this favorite shopping hole of mine. For instance I got her a Playskool Step Start Walk n' Ride, that is used but you can hardly tell. It just has some scuffs on the wheels. I got it for $3 at my thrifty store whilst it goes for $24 at the store! Wooohooo!

And that is not all. Baby DIVA has all kinds of Pink Haired Momma finds to play with and wear. This last weekend I went to my thrift store, on a Saturday which is unusual. I came home wit ha fabulous goodie bag for my Baby DIVA. Inside this goodie bag I had the greatest find EVER!!

A fabulous leopard print fur coat with Pink Satin lining for Baby DIVA. Sure it is a tad big, but don't all coats need to be big? So It still had the tags on and is soooooo cute AND it was only $4!!!

Pink Haired Momma's Fabulous $4 find
Baby DIVA not so impressed

My Tuesday Tidbit is don't worry about buying secondhand items. I was so worried about it while I was pregnant. I wanted MY baby to have all new items. Well then I was slapped into reality with the birth of my Baby DIVA. To keep her in the style she need to kept in order to keep her Diva status, this momma has found thrifts stores fabulous! Find one near you soon, if you have not already!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am going thrift store shopping next week! i can not wait!

  2. My favorite places to shop are consignment stores(is that the same thing?). We have an awesome consignment store here everything is brand name and in excellent condition. I love shopping there I get gymboree/babygap etc for almost nothing!

  3. Lovetoshopmom! Have fun! post your finds!

    Rikki! Yes consignment stores are one in the same. I love getting fab deals for almost nothing! Really helps stretch the dollar in the speedy growing kiddos!!


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