Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Defining Moments

One year ago today I had a crazy Baby DIVA thrusting about inside my abdomen. She liked to take her DIVA toes and stick them way up under my right rib cage and push with an enormous force! I hurt so much and was so uncomfortable that I had to lean to the left. I was the leaning tower of Michelle for many weeks.

So 1 year ago today I checked into the hospital for one of my infusions for the CIDP I have (or as many of you know that may be dormant now!!!). While being pregnant the doctors liked to have me in the hospital, just in case, during these infusions. And you know I didn't mind being there so much too, just in case. After arriving chaos ensued, of course. The orders for my medicine were not complete, big surprise, so I had to wait. And Wait and Wait and wait. Finally afters nearly 9 hours of waiting my orders were cleared up and my meds were rocking and a rolling through my veins. Given that it was already 6pm, the doctors invited me to spend the night at the hospital. Their thoughts were a pregnant woman, high risk, pissed off, probably shouldn't drive home after a late start and completion to her treatment around midnight! I agreed. Called Hubbs-to-be and shared the news, tucked in for the night and fell asleep listening to the sounds of my meds flowing via IV into my body and Baby DIVA toes tickling my ribs. I will let you know that i did display an elevated blood pressure during this whole ordeal, mostly we assumed it was because I was not very happy with the hospital staff.

The next morning came along. And since I hadn't planned on spending the night, I had no clean underwear. If you have ever been pregnant you know this is soooooooo not a good thing. For some reason the nunu tries to eat all underwear during pregnancy and the need to change them often is very great. Not something most people know, but definitely something a pregnant woman gets annoyed at! So you can imagine the fabulous mood I was in right? Add that to just the overall fatness of being 30 weeks preggo and being in a hospital and it was no wonder that my blood pressure was up. Oh and the breakfast sucked. Again not something you want to do. Take an already pissy pregnant woman with dirty undies and feed her disgusting food. Not good at all!!

So anyway I may have failed to mention to you and the doctors that I had been having some vision issues in the few days before this lovely event. BAM!! not leaving. Nope! After I dropped that bomb, Going for some tests was in my future, yuck undies and all. Okay so off i went. 5 hours, I kid you not 5 hours later I was wheeled back to my room and my fabulous Dr was there to greet me. He asked them to take my blood pressure. 170/110. Not good.

He gave me this look. I knew before the words even came out of his mouth! "We need to get your baby out for your safety and the baby's safety." I began to panic. Baby DIVA was only 30 weeks tummy growth. Tear streamed down my cheeks. I called Hubbs-to-be. All he got was the sound of my crying. Poor dude. I bet his big heart jumped through his chest. Called my mom, sobbing. This little event of course did wonders for my blood pressure. Nurses were racing all around me. Steroid shot was swiftly given to help Baby DIVA's little lungs mature. IV's were placed "just in case". Okay that freaked me out some. The "just in case" was not my friend any more. I was sobbing sobbing sobbing. Finally the Dr left the room and the nurses calmed me down. My blood pressure came down. Not much but enough not to do an emergency birth of a 30 week gestation Baby DIVA. I was told I was on bed rest indefinitely. Wow I thought. It is October 27 and I am due on Christmas day. My ASS is gonna be HUGE!!!!

So my Dr and I worked out a deal and pinky swore. He would not take Baby DIVA from her womb hotel just yet, if I promised to stay flat in bed for the duration. I must monitor my blood pressure and if it begins to climb then the eviction notice to Baby DIVA would HAVE to be served. I pinky swore that I would follow his orders. And I did. I missed my work baby shower. Lucky for me, Hubbs-to-be and I worked at the same company. So he went on to the shower and let me be there via phone, and he brought me a plate of yummies later that night! Too cool. That shower just happened to be on Halloween last year! Awwww and now I am getting married on Halloween!

I laid in the bed for what seemed like forever, day 1 completed nicely. HAHA. What came as a shock to me occurred on about day 4 or 5. I begin to feel my body relax. Baby DIVA and I began to have a closer connection. She responded more to my voice and my movements. I then realized that working was in fact stressing my bod out to the max. I had no idea until I took a forced step away from my life what I was doing to myself and my unborn Baby DIVA. And that was it. That was the moment that I knew my life was forever changed. I no longer lived for me. I lived for those toes that were aggravating my ribs. It was in that moment I knew I need to change my life and be there for my little Baby DIVA. Forced bed rest allowed me to become the woman I am today. The motherr I am today. the wifey to be I am today. It was the defining moment of my evolvment into motherhood and domestication. I momement that I hold very near to my heart. That day gave me the glimpse of my destiny!

So I changed my ways. I begin a quest to find a way to work from home. At first it was more of a dream. I never thought I would actually be able to pull it off. But thankfully for bed rest, I was able to research the possibility and really pursue it. Unfortunately lying in bed did not help my forever climbing blood pressure. Soon my quest was put on hold and I was thrust into another sudden change.

I was being monitored very closely by the doctors. Twice a week visits that involved ultrasounds and contractions monitors and close watch of the blood pressure. One month into bed rest, the Monday before Thanksgiving, My Dr gone a vacay to celebrate turkey day, one month early for Baby DIVA's arrival; I went in for a checkup. Contractions were observed every 6-8 minutes, although I didn't know. And then the Blood pressure revealed my destiny. 180/120. Baby DIVA was served her eviction notice. I was 34 weeks 5 days. It was time. It was too risky for Baby DIVA to stay in her womb hotel and too Risky for me to keep her there. So there I go again making those crazy phone calls. No tears this time. I was scared but I knew this needed to be done. And honestly I was DONE! I wanted to hold this wonderful creature and love on her for the rest of eternity.

These pics were taken the day before bed rest!

So off I went to be induced. baby DIVA was on her way. 1 month early! A turkey day babe instead of a Christmas day babe for this Pink Haired Momma.

So you see today is a day for me to always remember. A day that set in to motion a changed woman. A day that made me wake up and realize that I am a domesticated Pink Haired Momma. My daughter, hubbs-to-be and my life are by far the most important things in the world to me. My career although fun and rewarding means nada in the wake of this fabulous discovery on my part! I love my daughter more than words can describe. I am thankful that I received this little wake up call of bed rest that guided me into the life I have now as a WAHM and the best Pink Haired Momma I can be.


  1. I love a happy ending :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. what a great story you have to tell your little cutie! isn't it funny, how we have plans and ideas of how we want things to be...and those darn kids just up and flip the switch on it all! that's why we love them! they make us better people. thanks for sharing that!

  3. I love hearing eveyone elses stories! My older son (who is now 5) would kick me in the ribs and completely knock the wind out of me. I don't miss that AT ALL. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved it. And I love your pictures--gorgeous, momma!

  5. I am glad you guys enjoyed it! It really was a special point in my life. I was so anti mommahood and SAHM ife. But man those little toes not only tickled my ribs they tickled my soul and changed me forever. It took me from the person I was to the Woman I will forever be!

    thank you chelle. I really like my maternity pics. Hubbs-to-be took them and I still like looking at them!

    Mass hole mommy! Those ribs kicks are the worst!!

    Rikki! Thanks hun! Babies make my heart sing!

    Tina! I love others stories too. Sometimesit trigger me to share too!

    Menopausal momma! thank YOU for reading and allowing me to share my inner thoughts with you!

  6. Oh I love this one soooo much...mah you are keeping me up late woman!! I love my Michelle so very very much, I miss you terribly!


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