Monday, October 12, 2009

Pink Hair Makes you LUCKY!!!!!

Well we are 19 days away from my BIG DAY! My house is a wreck! There is a giant pile of "Wedding" over there behind my couch, just waiting for 19 more days so it can be put to good use. Oh my goodness that is so scary and exciting all at the same time. Lucky for me we are getting married in Las Vegas, and if my luck continues the way it has recently in the blogsphere (and by having the BEST Hubbs-to-be), then I am not only gonna come home hitched, I am gonna come home rich!!

Check it out! Pink Haired momma has been winning prizes and awards like mad. Roulette table here I come!

First I won a fabulous giveaway over at Love To Shop Mom . Love To Shop Mom has a fabulous blog with tons of information about blogging, products and fun loving stories about her little Diva! I received my prize courtesy of My Pair Tree , and immediately put it to work. It is really awesome. I am a flip flop wearing fool and this awesome helper now lives by my front door and my shoes have a home, which Hubbs-to-be is very excited about. This is also fabulous because Baby DIVA had recently started to enjoy Flip flop hunting. And chewing on the flops once she "catches" them. Not so cool!! So my prize arrived via fed ex. When I opened up the package, I discovered a fabulously wrapped up Pair Tree. It was so cute that I tore right into it. Then on the back of the packaging I found the most awesome gift. A handwritten note from the president of My Pair Tree congratulating me on my win. I am a customer for life with this company. I think that is amazing customer service and I am incredibly happy!! Thank you so much Love To Shop Mom and My Pair Tree !!


Then I was blog stalking one night and happened upon this fabulous blog The Penny Pinchin Mama . Oh my goodness her blog is just so awesome. And she had this super cool giveaway running for a $25 gift certificate to a super fun store called Bare Bellies. I played around on Bare Bellies for a while and really liked their stuff, so I entered Penny Pinching momma's giveaway. Well what do you know Pink Haired Momma popped up the winner. Again I am totally tickled and excited that I won a $25 gift certificate to Bare Bellies. Baby DIVA is getting some new clothes from Bare Bellies!! Thank you so much The Penny Pinchin Mama and Bare Bellies.

Now do not laugh at my Half certificate! I did it on purpose so no one could see my "Code"! LOL

And that is not all!

I was minding my own business, blog stalking, tweetin, and generally being a silly Pink Haired Momma when all of a sudden Lynn over at Midday Escapes awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award! How awesome is that. I am so touched! Thank you so much Lynn! I am humbled that she awarded me with Kreativ Blogger, because if you scoot over to Midday Escapes right now you will find and a very cool, very Fabulous, Kreativ blog by Lynn! Go check her out! thank you again Lynn! You rock!


So there you have it! I am on a winning spree! I sure hope it lasts. I mean I sure wouldn't mind coming home married and rich! Let my luck continue!

Happy Monday folks!
Oh and do not forget about my Giveaways! You too could be quite lucky! Click HERE for The My Little Pony Giveaway and HERE for the E-book Bundle giveaway! Both end this week so go ahead and enter for you LUCKY chance to win, even if you dont have pink hair!


  1. Love your blog! I have a award for you at

  2. Awww...congrats girl!

    You have been super lucky! Your wedding coming up, the giveaways and the award?!

    Congrats on it all!

  3. I can't believe your wedding is only 19 days away! It came fast. Congratulations on winning both of the giveaways. I hope it rubs off on me so I can win one. I enter them all the time(different places) and never win.

  4. Thank you Heather! I love your blog too! And the award makes my heart melt!

  5. Chelle!
    Maybe it is the universe telling me to BREATHE with all this wedding planning. that is it all gonna be okay because I am lucky enough to have found the perfect hubbs!

  6. Rikki!
    I know I can not beleive it is so close. Just yesterday I was getting engaged and then finding out I was preggo! hahaha

    I have 2 giveaways going on right now that you are up for! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you girl. I know you could work wonders with those patterns!!


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