Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Joys of Pink Haired Mommahood

Last Thursday, baby DIVA and I had to make a walmart run. Well while strolling through the garden center, I discovered that these great outdoor chairs in black were marked down to a fabulous price. A price so fabulous that it was way cheaper for me to purchase these chairs out right for my Hometown reception, as opposed to renting chairs for the event. So I gave my mom a call and she zoomed on over to walmart to join me in my find. And to aid me in purchasing and getting the chairs home to my garage.

About that time Baby DIVA exploded! And I mean exploded. Poop was all the way up in the inside of her super cute pink skeleton onesie. YUCK! I dug in the diaper bag only to discover no wipes. NICE! So I bid my mom farewell for a moment and headed off to the baby section to buy a little thing of wipes. Then Baby DIVA and myself headed off to the bathroom for some butt scrubbing. Well this is just a disaster in the making if you can not already tell. I plop Baby DIVA up on her pink mat on the diaper changing station and begin to reveal the horrible sludge in her pants. It literally was everywhere inside of her onesie, so it then got everywhere over her body! LOVELY! So I kept my cool and we started to have a naked wipey bath right there in the walmart bathroom.

And then it happened...

For the first time EVER, in her whole life, all 10 months, Baby DIVA peed all over me! My entire shirt was covered in baby piss. I mean it wasn't enough for her I guess, that I already had baby poop all over me, in the walmart bathroom. Nope! she had to go and piss down the front of me. And then chuckled about it. Whatever!! So I got Baby DIVA all cleaned up and dressed in clean clothes. I cleaned up our pink mat and diaper changing area. All one handed I might add! Then we headed out the bathroom.

And then it happenend...

As we walked out of the bathroom, Baby DIVA barfed down the front of my shirt. and then laughed!


Poop, Pee, and Barf! In less than 15 minutes all over me, in the walmart bathroom. If only i could have gotten a video of picture of this event!

Oh how I love my life as a Pink Haired Momma!! (Covered in poo)


  1. Oh dear! Welcome to mamahood! You just never know what you are going to get!
    Actually, you will be getting a new follower:)

  2. OMG i sware when you called me and told me about this i was laughing so hard, BUT reading this all over again i think i may have peed my pants a little! AWWWWW!!!! if i were you i would be keeping an eye out on peopleofwalmart.com just to make sure that no one snapped a picture of you covered in pee poop and vomit and posted it! AWWWW then you will really be famous!

  3. Isn't it amazing the stories parents share on their blogs? Sounds like a fun day! I thought I had it bad with my one time of poop under my finger nail. You have me beat!

  4. Yikes! I think it happens to us all once. (My shining moment came at my sister's graduation, when my son covered me in pee.)

  5. Modern mom!
    I am so glad you pooped in! And you know it is a welcoem to mommahood. before having a baby i would have been horrified at walking around walmart covered in poop pee and barf. Now i am just like I am here and i am gonna get my shopping done. Back off! LOL

  6. Lovettoshopmom!
    I would so die laugghing if i wass on peopleofwalmart. I am so gonna have to check it everyday now!

  7. Mike!
    thanks for coming by! Is this fabulous poop sotry on your blog?? I am gonna go on a hunt!

  8. Oh no staci!!
    You sis's graduation! That is awful, but fun to re tell huh?

  9. That is too funny!!
    I got pooped on for the first time the other day. I was putting a new diaper on Madee and as I pushed the diaper under her rear I felt something warm in my hand.

  10. OH MY GAWD....that day will go down in history for you!! Definitely a seasoned mommy now after all of that!


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