Saturday, November 21, 2009

Agoo Apparel Leg Huggers

I have a very mobile Baby DIVA. Seriously she is "on the go" 24 hours a day. And this "on the go" involves crawling, walking, well of sorts, and climbing. All fine and great except that we live in an entirely tiled home. Poor Baby DIVA has hot pink legs all the time from her brushes with the tile. Not so cool.

Well that was until I was introduced to a fabulous product known around the globe as Leg Huggers. Agoo provided me with a fabulous pair of Leg Huggers to try on my stylin Baby DIVA. And so I did. I slipped these fabulous gigantic socks with no feet over Baby DIVA's long fluffy legs, and sent her off across the tile. The Fabric of the legs was soft to the touch and seemed very gentle to her skin. Despite its fabulous softness, it provided enough traction for her to still be able to maneuver with ease across the tile floor. Her little legs did not turn hot pink from tile scooting. I let her play all day in the fabulous legs and she seemed quite content and happy. Later that night I pulled them off with ease and tossed them in the washer for a quick spin. They came out of the wash and dry cycle soft as ever and ready for another day of tile scootin!


These cuties arrived in a fabulous cute package!

A great big thanks to Agoo for providing myself and Baby DIVA with these wonderful Leg Huggers. We really appreciate the opportunity to try a new product and want to share our excitement about how much we enjoy this product with all our friends and family. Agoo not only offers Leg Huggers but a full range of clothing for active kids. We have now seen that the product is of fabulous quality and can withstand the beating of a toddler, is fashionably adorable, and is great to the touch, so we will definitely be a long lasting customer. Please feel free to drop by Agoo and check out all they have to offer. But please don't forget to tell them Pink Haired Momma sent you and come back here and let me know your thoughts!


Baby DIVA likes them very much!


  1. Oh wow... she looks adorable!! A friend of mine recently tried them on her little "on the go" girl, and LOVED THEM!!
    And they look so darn cute!

  2. I have a bunch of the baby legs. Love them. They now sell them at Target.

  3. I have baby legs and I love them. Baby leg warmers are awesome too because it makes diaper changing easier than tights.

  4. Menopausal new Mom! Thanks you so much!

    Michele they are totally fab! All moms needs these for their "on th go" babes!!

    Jenn! Thanks for the link! They rally are great! Where have I been?

    Unknownn Mami! You are so right! It does cut down diaper time without Baby DIVA getting cold too!!

  5. Baby diva looks sooo cute in those!
    Wish I had known about those while Sophia was scooting all over the house.


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