Friday, November 20, 2009

Bare Bellies Review

Some time ago I won a fabulous gift certificate from The Penny Pinching Mama to a wonderful children's clothing store known as Bare Bellies. I received my Gift certificate from them and I went shopping. I found a fabulous shirt at the online store of Bare Bellies that I knew would look divine on Baby DIVA. I put it in my cart entered in the gift certificate at checkout and Voila, purchase made.

I was contacted by Bare Bellies almost immediately. They let me know my transaction went through and my item would be shipped. They were gracious and kind and a pleasure to do business with.

And then just a few days later, my prize arrived in the mail. I opened the package and found inside the softest material of a t-shirt that I have ever encountered. Seriously, this shirt is so soft and fabulous and has the most precious Pink Skull and crossbones on the front. Baby DIVA slipped right into this shirt and felt right at home. Not to mention how absolutely adorable she looked wearing it!


  1. OMG what are the chances, I opened my dashboard and see your post!

    Yay! She looks so cute - love that shirt! Glad you enjoyed your prize :)

  2. That shirt is super cute! i want one for my little miss diva!!!

  3. We are so glad you love the shirt. It looks adorable!!

  4. It is a fabulous line of clothing. Baby DIVA digs her shirt and is wearing it A LOT!!! It washes great too!!


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