Friday, November 20, 2009

Thin like Moss

Normally I do not get all hot and bothered and mention here on my blog anything that is happening in the tabloids. Well today I am changing that. I was watching Good Morning America this morning during Baby DIVA's fabulous breakfast of gourmet sliced banana and yogurt, when I hear a "serious" controversy hitting the soundwaves.

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels", a quote from Kate Moss. Seriously? This is breaking news?!? What is wrong with that? Apparently the media world finds this simple statement appalling because it leads young girls in the wrong direction and might make them barf up their meals. Give me a break. Maybe their mommies and daddies should be teaching them confidence and to love their bodies instead of allowing them to be hopeless followers of media sensations.

Before you get all pissy with me do know I have been on both sides of the eating world. Many years ago I was the starving skinny hot chick. I went weeks without food in order to hold on to that fabulously sheek thin appearance. I was awesome on the outside and miserable on the inside. Now I am the over 30 momma with some flab that I love to shake at nightclub cardio. I might have some less that desirable curvy flabs but I love myself, my husband, my daughter, my life and all those around me.

Kate's statement is quite true. There is no food out there (and let me tell you I am food's number 1 fan) that tastes as fabulous as the feeling you have when you walk into a room in that fabulous dress you maxed your credit card out on and you know you look good, and the whole room knows you look good, as every head turns and look at you. It is a sensational feeling. Is it a feeling that makes me want to starve myself? Not really. Is it a feeling that might make me want to starve myself if I was 16 again? Not really.

Being thin has its perks. But being happy in your own skin has even better perks. If Kate Moss can tell herself that the brownie doesn't taste as good as being thin to keep herself from eating it who cares! It works for her. Its her mantra. It is her thing. If she is happy with herself and it works then let it be. Instead of harping on her for what works for her (let us remember that her JOB is to be thin), why don't we instead take media time to teach young girls the skills they need to love themselves in their own skin! Big, small, freckled, whatever! I am so tired of of everyone putting the blame for everything on Hollywood and the media! Parents step up and take care of your kids, physically, mentally and emotionally. And young adults learn to stand on your own two feet!!

UGH! GMA just got under my skin today with a full report on this matter! Thanks for listening!


  1. Amen Michelle! I agree with every point you made.

  2. I remember the worried about the outside image days, I remember us both getting diet pills for stocking stuffers!!! The men in our lives were very worried about how we looked as well!! But I also remember how good we always felt good when we would sneak in some Steak-Em's LOL I love you woman.

  3. I agree totally with you. Parents need to take care of all aspects of their children, I can't believe the media made that headline news, and her job is to be thin! Even Heidi Klum has said that the reason she is in shape so quickly after all of her children is because it is her job and she has to work really hard at it. I loved that she admitted to that!

  4. Oh Darlin... I couldn't agree with you more. I could not have said it better myself.
    Yes, the media, Hollywood, and the like definately send out the wrong message, BUT I agree with you ~ WE (as parents) need to take responsibility for the values we teach our children.
    I could go on, and on, and on, but I wont...
    that's my soapbox message for the day ;)

  5. I an extent. Unfortunately with our without our guidance, our kids find their Thomas the train is now my son's. Now, I don't expect he will start keeping a stone face while rolling his eyes around, but unfortunately their "heroes" do affect how they act. And if these people are getting paid stupid ridiculous amounts of money and claim their fans are everything to them, maybe they should model some better behavior.

  6. It is really nice to see I am not the only one out there who thinks we as parents play the major role in our kids confidence. I agree with Frugal Vicki that are kiddos will find celebrity role models and its okay. I just think we need to lay the ground work for them to make good decisions instead of following all the things celebrities do. I also wish the media would lay off and teahc positive news to our kids instead of negative...but thats a whole other can of worms! :)


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