Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lets talk Diapers

Hello there. Welcome to Pink Haired Momma's Exploding poop post!

Baby DIVA is an "on the go" kind of kid. The girl has so much energy it is exhausting just thinking about it. Her "on the go" behavior has recently brought us to a quandary about our choice of diapers. You see way back when my little Baby DIVA burst into the world, we were introduced to pampers. Mainly because that was the brand of diapers that most of our friends and family purchased for us before her grand arrival. We did have a brief stint with huggies preemie size diapers right there at the beginning, but that was short lived, as my precious Baby DIVA exploded right out of those bad boys. We quickly migrated back to Pampers. And that is where we stayed right up until a month or so ago. We were proud users of pampers cruisers, during the crawling stage. Now that we have moved on to the "climb on everything, leap frog, dangle from anything that is higher than the floor stage", we have are having some issues. It appears that those explosions from very early on have resumed their place in our life. Nice. Gross. Crap. Literally.

So I went on a mission of trying different diapers to see what might be able to contain these "explosions" during dangle sessions. I started with some Huggies. The diapers seemed to fit nice on Baby DIVA. She seemed comfortable. We had a pee and everything seemed great. Then it happened. EXPLOSION. Right out the leg holes down the legs and up the back. Isnt that nice. Clothes and baby DIVA needed an immediate dunk in bathtub. Gross. Crap. Moving on.

LUVS were purchased. Diaper number 2 proved to be an epic failure. A brief pee pee session resulted in a Niagara Falls effect upon a brand new fresh from the dryer cutesy outfit of Baby DIVA's and a fresh cleaned and dressed Pink Haired Momma. Failure. Trash. Crap. Didnt even wait to see how explosions handle this brand.

Parents choice from Wal-mart were bought in as drastic measures were being undertaken to resolve this diaper issue. This diaper is very lightweight. Fits very well. But does not house a full bladder of excretions or an EXPLOSION. Both incidents resulted in both momma and Baby DIVA needing a fresh change of clothes. Failure yet again.

So I am stuck. We are back with old faithful, Pampers. I am hoping that the "dangling" stage moves at a rapid pace and we can go back to no escaping EXPLOSIONS or leaky waterfalls. Perhaps This is just our destiny. Who knows. Please feel free to entertain my thoughts and my diaper game trials with your stories or suggestions! Is it just my kid that has the horrific explosions of mass proportion? Are there others out there going through my exact dilemma? Is this normal?


  1. VERY normal. My son's allergic to Pampers, so we've used Huggies all along. They are better for boy pee than girl pee, maybe because there's more padding up front? I dunno. We use Target brand sometimes and Walmart brand most of the time. I like both of them, but they are NO GOOD overnight. I think poop is going to explode from just about any diaper. Luvs are pretty sucky and the CVS brand is awful. Have you tried overnight diapers during the day? They are thicker. Unfortunately, they are more expensive, too. Good luck--keep us posted!

  2. We use cloth but resort to Target brand (Up and Up) for nights (and when we are out and about if I'm cheating!)- haven't had a problem yet. Every kid is different though- our only blow-outs were with Pampers after we worked through the Swaddlers. Huggies (the regular ones) never seemed very soft or comfy to me but worked relly well.

  3. We switched to the Target Diapers a few months ago and i love them. They dont make her smell like pee like the huggies did, ugh the smell that came from huggie diapers drove me crazy. I did not like the walmart brand ones either they seemed to expliod all the time. The papers baby dry i like them but they are too expensive on a one income family budget. Try the Target brand diapers they are great, they fit great, dont exploid, dont smell, and have been well worth the money. Oh and they are cheaper than name brand diapers!

  4. I used Pampers.But I heard about Target Diaper. My friend uses them and she says works very well.

  5. Sorry I don't have a suggestion - it's been way long since the boys were in diapers. Stopping by to say hi and found myself envisioning the "explosions"! LOL.

  6. Ugh! We are in a similar boat here. Devout Pampers users since going through a similar issue with our 1st..... we are being sorely tested with baby#2. I moved him up a size & it helps but only for "normal" explosions. Those ones he saves up for a day & a half are no match for any containment unit known to mankind. Good luck!! I know how gross & tough it is.

  7. I think it's normal. Son had same stages. In the beginning and then around his 1st birthday when he was walking/climbing etc. I found nothing to 'contain' him but found the stage passed once his (and excuse me here) poo's became more "formed"

  8. Thank you everyone for your fabulous input. We are gonna stick with pampers (not cruisers) for a bit and see what happens. Hoping that the poo forms up and stops exploding!


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