Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blogging while on flu meds

Pink Haired Newlywed checking in.

Where have I been? Well my little happy Pink Haired family of 3 caught the nastiest flu EVER!! Great way to spend our second week married huh? Oh and seriously there should be some kind of genetic law that no mom should ever be sick with a fever of 102 or above at the same time as her child and her husband. (and don't forget the other law I think that should be put into place, you know the one that moms should not have to change poopy diapers when they have the stomach bug, if you don't remember just click HERE ). I mean that is just the worst possible scenario EVER!!!

There were several times this week I thought it was the end, begged for it to be the end. My goodness it was terrible. I don't want to influence anyone about their own medical care but let me state something. I have never been one to get a flu shot. I shy away from the idea. I did though get Baby DIVA her flu shot. Not the H1N1, as I do not think there is sufficient research at thus time to inject that into my child, but I did get the regular flu shot for her. H4L and I did not get the shot. Both H4L and I knocked on deaths door all week long while Baby DIVA fevered and snotted it up only for about 48 hours. Coincidence? I don't think so. Flu shots for this family every year from here on out! Seriously! If you are anti flu shot like I was last week, then let me tell you coming from a now first time flu victim. DON'T DO IT!!! Especially if you are a mom. I could barely pull my head up off the pillow this week because of the high fevers and body aches and all the flu symptoms, but I had to in order to take care of my beloved Baby DIVA. Not a predicament I ever want to find myself in again.

Lucky for you I think I am on the mend. Blogging here on a Saturday night dosed up on all kinds of over the counter medicine for cold and flu. None of which even make a dent. My best friend K-Teach has her Baby Shower tomorrow for Baby K, and I can not go. How awful is that? Not as awful as what could happen to her or Baby K if she catches this hellacious flu bug from me!!! I had to cancel Baby DIVA's first year pics this last Friday because we couldn't bear to get out of bed and I sure did not want to expose my fabulous friend and Photographer Jennifer of Jennifer Watkins Photography to this demon on a flu bug.

But now that we are slowly getting better we have some fabulous things to look forward to. Like BABY DIVA TURNING 1 YEAR OLD IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!! I can not believe my little baby is going to be 1. This year has flown by at warp speed. You always hear those words from parents "Enjoy it because it goes by so fast". You simply blow them off because you too damn tired after waking up all night from baby cries to give a crap about their enjoy it speech. Then you look up and realize you should have taken that extra moment to watch your sweet baby sleep quietly after she so rudely awoke you at 4 in the morning again with a poopy or bottle shrill. So you then spread the word to the next parent you encounter so they don't make the same mistake you did. And they of course look at you like you are stupid and shrug you off in the same exhausted slumber you did previously and so the cycle repeats itself over and over.

On top of the excitement of Baby DIVA and her first birthday...not that anything can top that, I mean Baby DIVA turning 1 is a show stopper all in itself...I have some fabulous reviews and giveaways coming up.
Fair Haven Health Agoo Apparel Relish A masquerade Ebeanstalk Bare Bellies
Just to name a few! As you know I only do reviews of products and services that I have first hand knowledge and experience with. I also give each review 100% of my my time and efforts. The above listed companies are all companies I have firsthand experience with and I look very forward to sharing with you my thoughts and experiences as well as some freebies for you!!!

And of course more importantly, I have GOSSIP!!!! about ME!!! Yep that is right!!! With a destination wedding followed by a hometown reception the very next weekend with some family drama thrown up in the middle of that and a sprinkle of the flu I have not had the opportunity to grace the world wide web with my fabulous wedding stories!!! I can not wait to share! And I even (NOW) have the pictures to accompany the stories!

That all being said, in an over the counter meds induces babble, I am going to go ahead and turn my computer off now. A nightcap of Benadryl cold and flu is in my immediate future and my pillow is calling out my name! But boy it is good to be back!!!


  1. I've missed your blogs Michelle! I hope you guys feel better soon.

  2. Rikki!
    thanks! I have missed blogging. The flu is awful! I have NEVER been this sick. And for so long. Almost a full week now. I am just greatful that Baby DIVA didnt come down with it as bad as me or H4L!
    How are your school plans comng?

  3. Welcome back! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Glad you're back, sorry about that flu but glad you are all on the mend. Can't wait to see the photos and hear all your crazy stories. Get well soon and get blogging!!!

  5. Welcome back!
    Congrats on your wedding!!!

    I have been extremely sick too! I am with though. Starting next year I am getting a flu shot. Sophia got her's weeks ago thank goodness and she didnt catch anything from me!

    Hope you are feeling 100% soon!

  6. Missed ya girl! Hope you all get to feeling better soon. Being sick is the worst :(

  7. Glad you are on the mend. Look forward to hearing all about Baby Diva's 1st bday and your wedding.

  8. I think it is time to change that header Mrs. married lady! My baby girl is also almost one, and I am trying to keep from crying!


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