Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding Ceremony: Brides view

So lets us travel back in time to two weeks ago. I am standing in the Venetian Mall in my fabulous Black wedding gown, tucked away in this tiny little hole or rather nook in the wall so no one can see me. HA! No one can see me my ass! Every single person who walks by gawks and smiles or asks to take a picture of me. Is it because I am just a bride on Halloween or could the hot pink hair and black wedding gown be calling the folks in for a quick snap of their camera's?Not that I minded too much, but I was quite nervous.

Hanging out in the "Nook"

It all was quite a blur. I could hear my friends and family and all the strangers talking to me and asking questions but I really was not comprehending their words. All I could think about was in a mere few minutes I would be rounding the corner to a the sights of a lot of people all looking at me at one time. All watching my every move. All waiting and wondering if I would trip and fall. I hoped I would not fall and bust my ass, I hoped I would not pass out, I hoped that my true love would be waiting there for me!!! I bet my hubbs-to-be was sure hoping I wouldn't round the corner and see all those people glaring at me, catch a case of stage fright and run the other way. If I were him I would have been worried. My throat was so dry. I could not stop fidgeting. I tried to keep walking about in my tiny hide away hole so that I wouldn't pass out. I practiced holding my poofy skirt adorned with black feathers and jewels hiding in the tufts, with my left hand, then my right. Practiced stepping while holding my skirt and my bouquet. Wished incredibly hard that a bottle of tequila would miraculously appear for my consumption. Nothing appeared.

Time ticked. Tick tock. Tick Tock. Cheese. Scary smile from Pink Haired Momma. Another stranger snapped a picture of this crazy bride with hot pink hair and a black wedding gown. And then the final tick tock came. My wedding coordinator rounded the corner and said "Its time." I about passed out. I was escorted from out of my tiny hideaway hole and guided round the corner by my bridesmaids. I could see all my wonderful friends and family all gazing at ME through the awesome masks I demanded they wear. I could see H4L, who at that moment was still hubbs-to-be, but I could only see the back of his head. Tears filled my eyes. My throat begin to close and tighten. K-Teach turned briefly and asked if I was okay before she took off to join the wedding party at the top of the bridge. I watched as each of my bridesmaids walked up to the Bridge where my soon to be husband stood. Panic. Oh god what am I doing. I am alone. Crap. Total eyes on me. Pictures were being snapped all around me by strangers. And then the music changed to Canon, the brides entrance, and it was time for me to walk. Graceful Pink Haired Momma. Yep not so much. Panic I tell you. I marathoned it to the staircase careful not to look anyone in the eye, terrified I would pass out or bust or crying and ruin my nuptials. I raced up the staircase at lightning speed totally forgetting all the great poofy skirt practice I had auditioned only moments earlier. Instead I bent over hiked up the gown and boogied up the stairs. No grace what-so-ever. And I even forgot to stop and pick up my parents who are to give me away. Oops. But then I made it to the top and locked eyes with my intended.

Calmness. He took my hand and led me from my parents to the place we were to stand as we shared our vows with the world. The Pastor welcomed us and of course mentioned our "colorful" and different approach to marriage. I took a giant deep breath that did not go unnoticed. Hands held tight we stood there listening to the Pastor talk about marriage. Honestly I have no idea what he said. My heart was pounding like mad, even though the warmth of my Hubbs-to-be calmed my soul, I still found myself spinning and in a blur like trance.

And then I heard Baby DIVA scream and fuss. Okay life is normal again.

Our ceremony was very short and sweet. The pastor performed fabulous (I discovered upon view of the videotape several days later). H4L and I sealed the deal with a short make out session. Both our nerves were shot and throats were so incredibly dry; what better way to improve the situation than sticking our tongues down each others throats. Oh and then we remembered we were not only in public but were standing on a high bridge in front of our friends and family. Oops.

Photobucket Giant shot of our "make out"

Vow taking
More Vow Taking
The wedding in action

Pictures were taken after the ceremony of course. A white plush gondola ride adorned with a fabulous signing venetian man followed. And then we captured a moment completely alone as husband and wife. Hand in Hand we walked for the first time as husband and wife towards our cocktail reception. It was the best walk ever. Quiet in a sea of madness. Hand in Hand with the wonderful man I choose to marry. Only moments after taking our vows. Alone. Total Bliss. We were greeted with loud screams and laughter and cheers and clapping. Our friends and family welcomed us with open arms.

We did it! We were married. All those months of planning summed up in 15 minutes. All that panic beforehand. Over. We are husband and wife. No one passed out. No one fell over. Everything went great. Marathon race up the stairs and all it was the best wedding Pink Haired Momma and H4L could ever dream of!!


  1. You got to wear the masks!!! Fabulous!!! I love the color of your hair, so shocking!!! The photos were beautiful and so were you. Thank you for sharing! Sure makes my outdoor wedding in New Zealand seem boring Lol!

  2. Sounded perfect! Looked beautiful. What amazing memories you will have for a lifetime. Congrats!

  3. Thank you guys!
    It was amazing and wonderful and I will never forget one second of it!

  4. Congrats!! (sorry its so late :} )


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