Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: A Masquerade.com

As many of you have noticed from the pictures I have posted of our wedding, we did in fact get to wear our fabulous masks during the wedding ceremony, despite the freak out we had only days before our nuptials. If you are not sure what I mean click HERE.

I would like to take a moment to thank A Masquerade for the fabulousness and their wonderful masks. This company provided my entire Bridal party, including myself and H4L, with hand made masks that were delivered straight from Italy. They are exceptional. I couldn't have been more happy with these beauties. From the very first contact until the final email saying thank you, I felt like the employees gave me 100% of their attention and were very in tune with my needs and desires. A Big thanks goes out to this team. I highly recommend A Masquerade for any of your masquerade needs!

Each mask arrived carefully wrapped in protective paper and bubble wrap. As I opened each piece, my heart warmed. The attention to detail, the time, the energy put forth to each mask, the beauty of each mask really dominated my sight. I liked the store and products when I discovered them online, but when I received the final pieces in my hands I fell in love with the items as well as the company and service behind them.

The groomsmens masks were hand painted and stunning. The red and gold sparkled with the essence of love. The bridesmaids masks were of bountiful beauty in the classic and ageless hue of black with gold embellishments. And of course my bridal mask and H4L's groom's mask radiated with perfection with the gorgeous sharpness of the platinum details and intricate beadwork.

The masks completed the theme of my perfect wedding. Without the lush beauty of these masks, I would just have been a boring Pink Haired Momma getting married in Las Vegas. LOL


Pink Haired Momma and H4L with their wedding party wearing A Masquerade masks!


  1. Oh, I love the picture! You guys look really happy. Congrats!

    Thanks! It was amazng and different! I love it!


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