Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Goodies

It is true I am just about done with all my Christmas shopping for this year. It sure does pay off to budget and shop year round. Today as so many people scramble about and fight with one another over that goofy over priced whatever, I sit here at home with my H4L and Baby DIVA and enjoy a day of relaxation. Our shopping is almost complete. All the gifts are already wrapped courtesy of my fabulous H4L. It is wonderful. In honor of this wonderful day of relaxation, I thought I would share with you some of the great items I have found on the net this year. Each one is special to me because it brought about belly laughs or a brief pee on myself from laughing so hard (Yep still happening 1 year post birth, Nice). Let's get started!

I don't know why I keep pissing my self laughing when I look at this little gifty poo for just a mere $39.95. But I do. I just keep cracking up every time I see or think about it. Seriously? Do we really need to pay a whopping$39.95 for a half of a phone to plug into our cell phones that we use to get away from having giant land line headsets? Too funny. And it comes in a wide range of color varieties as well. Oh and it is radiation FREE!! Holy Crap! Got my running shoes on now and gonna score me one on Black Friday! How bout you? You want it? Click YUBZ.

Here is another little goodie! Carry on that traditional drink right from the lovely family gathering around the tree to the solitude of the shower. At least this variety is a cleansing kind and probably wont leave you with a terrible headache, or will it? This just tickles me so. Why on earth would you want to smell like the NOG? Or better why on earth would you want to bathe in it? I know there are some die hard spiked egg nog fans, but this is just taking it too dang far! Bath Nog

Okay this one really calls for some good running shoes this Friday. It actually is quite funny. I personally find myself enjoying a few pages of a good parenting or woman's magazine when I hide, I mean sit down from some crapper time. This could be a very humorous start or finish to the day though. This one invokes a good giggle in me as I have a great history in the crapper and with toilet paper. Those involved know what I am speaking of. Those who are lost will hear about it in a later post! Crapper jokes

Here is one that I expect to find H4L placing in my stocking...Reasons. We all know that the husbands are ready to go 365 days a year 24 hours a day. The wives, well you know.

This is pretty cool. Brought about a laughing moment because i myself have no self control when it comes to bubble wrap. If this fabulous calendar adorned my walls, I would totally end up popping all the dates before New Years was over. Yep I cant help myself. Bubble Pop

I hoped you enjoyed my fabulous giggly black Friday goodies. Going to go and laugh and giggle and pee with my H4L and Baby DIVA.


  1. Where on earth do people come up with this stuff! The toilet paper is hilarious! Oh and a serious TMI here but I STILL 16 months later pee when sneezing/laughing, yeah it's grrreat. *eyeroll*

  2. Where did my comment go? Anyway, hubby said "so cool" when I mentioned the bubble wrap. And I also said that there are good things about c-sections, I haven't peed myself since pregnancy.

  3. I can't find my comment either - anyways - Love the toilet paper and so would my 21 year old son but you know the potty humor of a young man!!!

    BTW - my daughter is 6 and I'm still peeing my pants when I sneeze. What's funny is the kids are both aware of it.

    Me: SNEEZE

    Them: Mom, do you need to go and change your jeans???

  4. First I totally agree with shopping all year, we also do that. Second LOL love it all!

  5. does the pee ever stop???

    i guess we all just walk around laughing with piss pants...oh the joys of mommahood!!!


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