Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby DIVA freckles

Baby DIVA is so stinking cute. Every day she grows before my eyes; learning, assessing, making more and more strides into being a big girl. It is so bittersweet. I am so excited to watch her grow into a young lady but it pulls at my heartstrings to watch my baby slip away.

But then, it never fails, Baby DIVA will do something so sweet and innocent, it brings me back to reality and reminds me no matter how many days or weeks go by, she will always be my perfect, innocent little bundle of joy.

Take for instance, a moment this last week. Baby DIVA made a clever discover on her tummy. She found two little freckles. Cute as can be freckles. I was watching from a foot away as she yanked up her little shirt to show me her belly button for the 100 zillionth time. She stopped and paused and looked a little bit closer. Quickly she tried to brush away the "ewwwww" as she calls it. "ws tat?", she asked. I told her those are your two baby freckles. Like she knew what that meant, but that is all it took. "ohhhh".

And then she was off to play with her toys again. This quick shift in attention also is a daily reminder that my Baby DIVA is still just a tiny tot! The absolutely adorable thing about this little discovery is that when these little freckles first made their debut some many months ago, I being the crazy picture happy first time momma I am, took a zillion pictures of these freckles. Im just crazy like that.

This moment warmed my heart though. Watching her grasp new concepts, interact with me, and hone in on something I too found fascinating not too long ago is just amazing. My Baby DIVA, growing into a little girl, full of life and love and eager to learn. Melts my heart. And makes me so proud. I just love that stinking cute little girl!!


  1. First of all, she is super cute :)
    Second, don't you just love being a mom. I love it! I love every new discovery... one of my favorites is when they realize they have hands LOL love it!

  2. Awwwe! I love this. Alexandria has a freckle on her ankle. I love those moments when your toddler seems like a baby again. It's great to watch them grow, but those innocent moments are something to cherish.

  3. Crystal mommahood is by far the greatest gift humans have. Watching herr discover life each day is indescribeable!!!

    Stephanie the innocent moments are what i live for. She is getting so big now its nice to have those moments!


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