Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Critter 2 is a....

Faked you out!! You have a few more hours to wait!

As you are reading this H4l, baby DIVA and myself are sitting in an ultrasound suite getting a crotch shot view of Critter2!! (thank goodness for set to post on blogs, right). While we spend the day relishing what our new addition will bring in to our world, tons more pink or a sea of blue, I thought we could play a little game here. What do you think Critter2 is?

Here is a view of my belly at 19 weeks:

And here are some of the (old wives tale) symptoms:

Aversion to meat
love sour foods
love salty foods
aversion to sweets
felt like a train ran me down and barfed nonstop weeks 6-11.5
lots of braxton hicks from early on
pizza face YUCK i am in my 30s' for goodness sake!!!
migraines, tons and tons of migraines
tons of baby movement from 14 weeks on, some a bit painful
Baby's Heart rate has been about 150 from the start

Chinese gender prediction says: Girl
I would be happy with either, but a boy would fabulous because then I would be D-O-N-E!!

So what do you think? Any neat tricks out there that you and your family have done to determine gender? Spill it now because later on today I will reveal pink or blue about Critter2!!!! Will you be right?


  1. So how long are you going to leave us hanging???
    I'm going to the board ;)

  2. Oh, and I'm predicting girl.


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