Saturday, January 8, 2011

Helping hand?

Being that this is my second pregnancy, and now we know our second Baby is a girl, shopping for Critter2 must begin. The novelty of this activity is that we have tons of baby gear already. We literally have boxes and boxes of girl things and clothes and blankets and toys, its like we own a girl store! (Secretly I always knew we would have another girl, so I kept EVERYTHING)This time around we have the luxury of purchasing some fun items and splurging a little here and there, since we already have the basics.

You can imagine I have been window shopping for weeks and already have some things in mind, right? What pregnant woman doesn't? Of course I do too. In fact, the night we found out Critter2 was a baby girl, H4L and I made this sweet little purchase for her. Take notice it is NOT pink. We already have boxes and boxes of pepto clothes, and a mom with pink hair, she needs some variety in her world.

Well, I also am very adept at scanning the net for the great babe purchases and I came across this little goodie and did a double take. I could see where this might come in handy, being that I have had a tiny babe in house before, however it still caused me to pause a moment, Take a step back from the computer, laugh and ask myself, SERIOUSLY???

Check out the Helping Hand and let me know your reaction. Too funny, huh?


  1. Cute outfit! I didn't buy a lot of pink for our daughter, but the families got nothing BUT pink, haha!

    That helping hand is sneaky. And they say "santa claus" is bad for your children! What happens when they're old enough to flip over and see that you're not there?? You'll ruin thier whole future! They won't trust anyone! They'll become an old maid and have a million cats!!.... okay, so it's not THAT bad, but I'd feel like a tricky mom if I had one.

  2. As many times that I have laid next to my little guy so he could go to sleep, I think its cool. I don't know that I would pay that much for it and would never have thought of it, but still it would be handy...oh yes, I said it, handy bahahaha *sigh*.

  3. Stephanie!
    We too didnt buy a lot of pink for Baby DIVA but somehow managed to collect an overkill of everything pink. Not that i mind too much since pink is my color, but just because i love it doesnt mean my girls will. lol

    The hand cracks me up. I can see where it is useful it just looks so funny. kind of like that boyfriend arm pillow that came out a few years back! :)

  4. Crystal,
    I had a friend comment about this on my FB page saying that her son was in NICU and they used something like this in the facililty to help the babes. She changed but whole viewpoint on it! But I still smile and giggle when looking at it!


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