Friday, January 7, 2011

Pressure Rising

How exciting it is that we have another wonderful baby girl coming in to our lives. We couldn't be more happy. But seeing Critter2 on the ultrasound screen this week and learning how perfect she is, all her organs look awesome, her weight is fabulous, her lips are beautiful and she is a wiggle little thing; Well that is not all we learned this week.

Nope. We also learned that my blood pressure is already on the rise. We suspected this would be the case with this pregnancy, since Baby DIVA arrived early due to high blood pressure complications and we saw an elevated pressure at my 16 week appointment. But we were not expecting it to hit so early. As of now I am on a "modified bed rest". Basically this is just take it easy, monitor my blood pressure and if it is up I must stay down. Joy. In 3 weeks we go back for another anatomy scan to make sure Critter2 is growing at a superb rate, followed by weekly appointments and ultrasounds for the duration of this pregnancy.

I guess it is bittersweet. We get to see Critter2 progress weekly via womb shot, but it sure is a long time to be "rested", and with a toddler in tow. Dr. K believes we will not make full term and has advised us to make arrangements for full bed rest at home and in hospital now, just in case. He also advised us to prepare ourselves for an early delivery...again.

I am determined to prove him wrong and go to term with this pregnancy. I want Critter2 to be able to "bake" as long as she needs. And I really would like to experience the whole going in to labor on my own phenomena. So say a little prayer for us to keep this blood pressure in check and prove Dr. K wrong by making at least 37 weeks!!!!


  1. I will be praying for you and "critter 2"

  2. You'll make it! I have faith. And I'm sure that Diva will understand, at least a bit, that mommy has to be really gentle. She's a smart toddler. Best of luck! =]

  3. Thank you Crystal! I really really do not wanted to be bed rested and want critter 2 to grow all the time she needs!!!

  4. Thank Steph! DIVA has actually been really sweet and cuddle bug ish the last couple of days. I think she totally understands!!

  5. Aw the BP thing is awful! I've had probs with that w/ a few of my pregnancies. Checking BP at home, and then when it's high trying not to get stressed so it doesn't go higher but at the same time being stuck on the couch with a little one holding forth a reign of terror... it is hard.
    I'm on partial bedrest myself right now.

    For me, the Blue Ribbon Baby (brewer) diet seemed to help (but I also have gestational diabetes with my PIH).

  6. Milehi! You doing okay? You are due next month right or is it early march. ACK i can not remember!
    Thank you for the diet, blue ribbon baby, im going to read up on it. i have been on the net hunting for food ideas for this very reason. This is exactly what i have been looking for!!!

    Being bed rested with no children is one thing. But with a toddler and family and hoem to run it really just isnt an option. I mean i will do it of course for Critter2's safety but i sure dont want to!

    Keep me posted on your progress and if you need anything!!!

  7. Hey! I'm 34 weeks, due in the middle of Feb.

    Something that helped when I had to have rest before I had bigger kids that could help was to have a tote bag of stuff for the littles to do.
    Like playdoh on a cookie sheet, rice bucket, nesting boxes (my kids liked to put in and take out at that age), videos/tv shows, Bendaroos. I'd have them do that next to me on the floor by the couch.

    In my case my contractions/pressure always got higher at the end of the day so pretty much I just had to hang on for an hour or two until husband got home.

    Yes playdoh makes a mess but it kept them happy and still next to me and it can be vacuumed up.

  8. Milehi!
    Baby DIVA was induced at 34 weeks because my pressure hit 180/120! YIKES. Very scary timepoint. Babes are developed but not quite ready. You stay rested!! Let that babe cook a few more weeks and tell your contractions to stop it, you dont want them right now. :)

    Thanks for the tips on keeping kiddos entertained. Baby DIVA loves playdoh. I gave up caring about the mess a long time ago. I just figure when the kids move out I will buy a new rug and couch and then get ready for destruction from grandkids. Their smiles are far more improtant to me that a perfect rug. hahahah


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