Friday, January 28, 2011

Trix bark

The pregnant hormones are kicking, but in a good way, well today. I have been feeling quite bakey lately. I don't know why the hormones feel the need to summon the Betty Croker in me, but they do. So those around me reap the benefits.

This week my Big kid Rentals reaped the benefits. I have seen this little treat on a few different blogs around the net over the last few months. Although intriguing I just hadn't gotten around to it. Until the crocker hormone attack of the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Trix Bark.

QUE?, you might be saying. But really, this is so simple and super cool for kids.

Here is how it went down:

I took some simple almond bark and melted it down.


Then after carefully laying out some wax paper, and taping it down so no slidage resulted in a massive mess that I would refuse to clean because Crocker hormones are kicking, but cleaning hormones, not so much. And my cleaning fairy is on vacation. Hmmm, perhaps I have made a mess in the kitchen before... Anyway, back to the wax paper.


I poured out the melted almond bark and spread into into a thin layer. I didn't bother trying to make it uniform or pretty; there really is no need for that as soon we will break it into mis-shaped pieces.



After the smoothing process I took some Trix cereal and spread it out over the almond bark.


Again no rhyme or reason, just littered the almond bark with colorful little Trix balls.


And then its time to wait. I allowed the almond bark to sit at room temperature and harden. I guess it took about an hour or so. You could also place it in the fridge and harden it that way, but then you have to deal with the "Sweat" and that just is more than I care to deal with.


So once it hardened, I broke it into pieces, loaded it up on a plate and served it to my Big Kid Rentals and Baby DIVA. It was quite the hit! And so super easy to do!

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  1. Looks yummy :)
    I have been thinking of making rice krispy treats with the chocolate kind ;)


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