Monday, January 3, 2011

New year and a 32nd Birthday

New Years always bring a fun festive spirit. Not only because it is a fabulous party night celebrated by the entire world, but because it's also my birthday! Yes, folks I am a new years baby. Now before you shout HOW COOL!!! let me tell you it is a hard birthday to have. You have to be a pretty spectacular person to compete with the World for attention on your birthday. Know what I mean. Well I think I pull it off just fine.

This year we hosted a New Years Bash at our home for friends and family. Complete with a balloon drop for the kids and way too much fabulous food. We had a splendid time and look forward to hosting again in years to come. It was wonderful bringing in 2011 with those we love and keep so close to our hearts. It is really wonderful to have such a wonderful group of individuals we can call family.


H4L and me at midnight AKA officially my birthday!!

I found it comical that at 10pm, after a quick watch check, I wasn't shouting to my friends, "hurry up, only 2 more hours to get your drink on!" as I have done in previous years. No, instead I found myself thinking, "Oh crapola, two WHOLE hours before midnight comes. Will I ever get to go to bed!?!" My, My, what parenthood does to a gal. Despite my partying days being far behind me, I still pulled out the "Boots" and wore them for a bit. Swollen feet from Critter2 reminded me pretty quick that stiletto knee high sparkles are beginning to be a part of my past. And perhaps not being able to Zip one boot up all the way might also be a strong indicator. Hmmmm.


Midnight balloons!!!


Baby DIVA falling asleep in aunt Ta's arms while watching fireworks. Who does that?
Me and the boots! 8 years and counting.

I hope your New Years was as blessed as mine. I am year older and definitely much more wise! Here is wishing you a fabulous 2011 as I embark on my 32nd year!!


  1. My kids have both fallen asleep during fireworks. I don't get it!

    Happy New Year and Happy birthday! Those boots are awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday - you look great!


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