Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Recap

I have to hand it to all you fabulous bloggers that were able to scribble out some thoughts and get posts up during this holiday season. I just couldn't. Between baby kicks, Toddler tantrums, gift wrapping and family visits any extra second I grabbed involved my bed and my pillow. But that is just one pregnant gals way to cope with the hustle and bustle of the holiday! I did enjoy reading your posts between naps.

Now that 2011 has sped its way in to our lives, I thought I would just give you an update to what a wonderful Christmas season we had, between naps of course! Baby DIVA warmly welcomed Santa claus into her life this year. She was ever so thrilled to learn that her great behavior in 2010 rewarded her with a small toy store under her Christmas tree on Christmas morning.


After Santa dropped by!

After opening everything from Santa!

It really is an AMAZING feeling being a parent of Christmas morning. Far much better than being the child. I am still glowing at watching my child live the magic and knowing how excited she feels. I LOVE IT!!!!


H4L and Baby DIVA on Christmas morning

Momma, Critter2 and Baby DIVA on Christmas morning

Saying Farewell to the (chocolate) advent.

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