Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boob Feeding pups

I am all for Boob feeding. In fact, when Critter2 makes her grand debut I would like to give this whole boob feeding idea a go. Baby DIVA was not boob fed due to medical restriction on my part, so this is new territory for me. And therefore I have been actively doing a little momma research. I have found that I am a middle of the road boob feed activist. I do think it is wonderful for your baby, but it isn't the only way to feed a baby. I do believe there are benefits, but there is nothing wrong with a child who is formula fed either, they benefit as well.

I also think that although natural, boob feeding is a private intimate time between mother and child and should be should be done in a tasteful manner while in public. I do not think I personally will be whipping out a boob and letting it freely loose while my baby crawls on the floor and I chat with friends at a coffee shop, until she is hungry. Not my thing. My boobs like to stay private, thank you. I heard someone once say in reference to boob feeding that "yes, it is natural. But so is going poo. I'm not going to take a giant poo out in public just because it is natural. No, I will do it discreetly." That description has stuck with me and I agree with it whole hearted.

I have read the pros and cons and arguments for and against. I follow those advocates who think breastfeeding is the only way,Breast is best, and I also follow those who think formula feeding is the only way, and I find myself somewhere in the middle. Both ways provide for your child and as the mother of that child you have the right to decide what is best. Although before the birth of Critter2 I am certain I want her to be a boob fed gal, that does not guarantee me that outcome. Perhaps my boobs wont work, perhaps she wont take to boob milk, perhaps she will. I think as a mom you must also enter this flexible and willing to make changes as needed to provide your child with the best for her, whatever those needs may be. I really enjoy reading all the various points of view, from the extreme pro boob to the anti boob on this matter, because the more knowledge I gain the better mother I can be to Baby DIVA and Critter2. Seeing the vast possibilities ensures me Critter2 and I will find a common ground somewhere that meets both our needs, mostly hers.

Now, all that being said, I also come across weirdo folks out there in the world who do some strange things, it tickles me so and grosses me out. I don't agree with boob feeding children old enough to ask for a drink. I think its gross and there are no benefits at that point. I also find that post milk production, some women do some really bizarre things with their "girls."

Check out this lady who breastfeeds her dog. Yes, my friends, she lets her doggie latch her boobie and drink her milk, because she misses the bond of having her child do so. Ummm NO! This is crazy. Breast is best taken too far! I almost barfed.


  1. I so agree with ya and dont be stressed if you cant bf this time around. I nursed 3 out of five of my kids for a short while. then switched to formula, its all a mothers decision to decide whats best for her baby.

    And that chic needs some therapy or something cause thats just sick.

  2. Ccndry its crazy huh? That lady freaked me out. Im all for boob and hope i get to feed critter2, but know its ok if i cant. Baby diva did just fine on formula.

  3. That lady who feeds her dog?? That is way past a bit much. That's just plain odd...

    I breast fed both of my girls, my second longer than my first. It was a very rewarding experience, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But it's work. And a lot of it. And it's not easy. And it's not natural. At first, that is. But, if you want to bad enough, and have the patience to get through the first weeks, you'll be a pro in no time. And those first weeks don't matter're practically sleep walking, and it all becomes a blur, right? lol

    Good luck with it all!

  4. Thanks kara! I may be asking you for pointers in a few months!

    I recall feeling like a bad mom because i couldnt feed baby diva. I think that is what is so sad. Sometimes a mom just cant, and they shouldnt feel bad. We can still provide the best for our kids via formula.

  5. In my mind, the point is to have a baby who is fed. Adeline was formula+breast, Lucy is 100% breast. It's just what works for us. The only way you could be a bad mom would be not to feed her period, then you get minus points.

    I'm not even clicking on that link. There's currently a puppy in this house that is only 2 weeks old, and I don't want to have nightmares about her sneaking into my bed or something in the night looking for food. Incidentally, said puppy's mother (who is a dog!) is 100% responsible for that feeding, I'm not getting involved.

  6. Beth. I like your thoughts. I hope to do just boob but if we need a bottle of formula here or there im not too worried. Like you said as long as babe is being fed we are on the right path.

    I bet momma dog does a brillant job feeding that pup. I bet they are cute that little! The link is gross. Id wait too if i were you.

  7. I think that woman has issues. I hope you get to try breastfeeding this time. I was able to breastfeed all of my (and still with little man) kids. It really is a wonderful thing. Hope all is going well.

  8. "I don't agree with boob feeding children old enough to ask for a drink. I think its gross and there are no benefits at that point."

    I'm sorry, but I am going to have to politely disagree with you on this one. My daughter nursed for 2 1/2 years and my son is still nursing at almost 11 months. My daughter was asking to nurse well before we reached the AAP recommendation of nursing for atleast 12 months. Should I have cut her off then? And when your child is old enough to ask for a bottle of formula will you cut her off? Just because they can communicate the need for food doesn't mean we should quit giving it to them. Our bodies were meant to grow and feed our babies. It is a very personnal choice, like you said, but I want to make sure that you and your followers know that your body doesn't give out at the 12 month mark. Your breast milk will still be as nutricious as it was in the beginning. Also, the longer you nurse, the more your chances of breast cancer go down. Not to mention all the immunities you give your baby. My kids have been sick only a few times with nothing more then a cold.

    I believe that a huge problem right now is that people are uneducated, or mis-educated, when it comes to breast feeding. You're almost set up to fail from the beginning with everyone in the world telling you that you need to supplement or rewarding your efforts with a diaper bag full of formula. I'm glad that you're doing your research now, that's the best way to start! If you really want to do it, stick with it and make sure you surround yourself with supporting people. I wish you nothing but luck! And, no, I don't think that it's a bad thing when people formula feed. I'm not anti-formula, I'm just pro-breastfeeding. But at the end of the day, once you're armed with all kinds of knowledge, it's your decision and nobody should ever make you feel guilty about it.

  9. Sarah!
    i LOVE your response. Thank you for being open and honest about your opinion and doing so without attacking other poeple. So refreshing to be able to communicate with another mom and gain insight into all views of something very important, without having to bash each other for different points of view.

    My Daughter Baby DIVA gave up the bottle a 6 months. She would "Ask" for her sippy of formula so I know what you mean by saying kids ask for food. I dont thin kits wrong at all. Boob feeding is a very personal choice for each mom and child. I say do what works for you and your kid and as long as everyone is healthy then we rock as moms.

    I am very excited to have a go with boob feeding in just a few short months. I know it will be hard but I have already been in contact with a great support system via friends, family, my birthing hospital and my local le leche league. I should be able to hang! :)


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