Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny toes

Today was a great day! We went in for a growth check of Critter2. She is PERFECT!! We were able to see her little toes and fingers, one by one. Her little leg bones, and arm bones, her kidneys and eyeballs, her brain and lips. We saw her swallowing and flapping her arms like a chicken. We saw her rolling around and "Dancing" about like a wild child. She is amazing. Perfect little babe!

We also met with Dr. K. He is happy with Critter2's growth. I'm still down some weight which is cool. My blood pressure is still elevated but is stable, therefore no bed rest or medicine as of yet. HOORAY! Dr. K is sending me for an ultrasound of my gallbladder which is the cause of the pain I am having, you know, this one, that sent me to L& D last week. We hope to keep the ol' gall in check until I deliver Critter2, then sign me right up for removal of that little gallbladder booger!

Everything went wonderful today. I am tickled that we have good news to share. And so excited about Critter2! And Dr. K found his way to my blog! How about that? My Dr visits my blog! LOVE IT! So if your a checking here Dr. K, HELLO and thanks for everything!

And may I now present you with Critter2's Foot and Fist! In a few short months we will be holding these tiny toes and fingers in our hands!!


  1. Glad everything is going good :)
    Love baby feet!

  2. Thank you Crystal. Me too. Their tiny toes just make me melt!

  3. Exciting stuff! And dangerous because it is making me jealous.

  4. Hey Kristy, its really easy to get one. hahahahah just kidding!


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