Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sipping ZZZ's

The fast paced lifestyle of mommahood leads us moms to downing red bulls, lattes, and energy shots by the gallons to keep up with the multiple roles we try and conform to on a daily basis. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, MooooooooM!, chauffeur, personal maid to all members of the family all at the exact same time, personal chef to a toddlers changing tastes from minute to minute, You name it, a mom does it. Every day we muster up the strength to trudge on and do so while downing our energy in a can. We all do it. You know you do too. Dont deny it.

Lucky for us, today I stumbled upon a nice way to tuck into bed at night. You know for the whole 2 hours of sleep that a mom can endure. Those crazy nights that involve having another energy drink post dinner to finish up the 50 zillion loads of laundry that somehow appeared since yesterday or to snag a few minutes alone in the bathroom to "pamper" aka use the bathroom alone. Well those nights can sometimes leave the foot thumping and the mind cranking while squeezing your eyes together hoping, praying that you will fall asleep because the baby is gonna scream and wake up again in just a minute, you just know it.

Well the new goodie I found is called Sipping syrup. Not that I condoning dosing up on energy drinks during the day and sleeping syrup at night...not not me! But I do find this little treat hilarious and possibly useful. Will keep you posted on the off to do some laundry!

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  1. interesting! let us know how it is.
    have you tasted it yet?


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