Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch out!! Momma on the loose

It has happened. I have finally crossed over. The once thin (hahahahah long ago), perky boob, hang out the top of a convertible with a chocolate martini in hand has traded in the keys for some fluff, large floppy boobs, and BRACE YOURSELF...


Yep. I am now the proud owner and driver of a Chrysler Town and Country Mom ride. It is wonderfully spacious (fat ass approved), the kids (the rentals that is, i didn't pop out another yet, just Baby DIVA is blessed with my blood, for now anyway) don't have touch in the car. No imaginary brick walls have to be drawn. I am able to retain my full voice, no more yelling "stay on your side of the line" at the backseat. I can load up every toy we have, just in case that is the ONE the DIVA needs to silence the screams in the line of wherever we are at the moment. I love it. Mom ride is fantabulous!


Oh and moms night out, in the VAN, is in the works. Valet the mom ride. Hot fluffy chicks in tow for a martini night. Katy bars Watch out! MOMS IN VANS on the loose!!!

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