Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playground etiquette

The last couple of weeks here in Texas have brought a much needed, yet over abundance of rain. We have had a ton of tropical moisture creeping up and flooding our streets and disrupting our play dates at local parks. The kids are starting to go nutty, so other plans must be made.

Last week, during one of these flood gates opened days, I met Lovetoshopmom and her Tot at the local mall so our TOTS could play in the TOT area and work off some energy. I know we were receiving a ton of rain. I know it is summer and that all the kids are out of school and bored. That is fine. However there is absolutely NO REASON what-so-ever for a 8-10 year old large child to be zipping about the tot spot at the mall, running like a mad man, jumping off the tot climbers, squishing tots and just being a brat.

Baby DIVA got squashed twice by this child. I approached him and told him to please mind the little kids, he replied with a "you are not my mother" comment. BOY i tell you what I wanted to reach over and let this kid know a thing or two. But I didn't. Nope I looked around for his mother and when she was no where to be found, poor Baby DIVA was forced to leave the play area. We went and rode the carousel instead. Talk about a big bummer! Half an hour later upon return to the play area, that same child had climbed up on top of one of the large climbers (in fact an area the kids are not allowed to climb on) and was jumping off and running like a mad man, still. So we left the mall completely.

I felt so bad for Baby DIVA. I was also so angry at this misbehaving boys parents. Where they heck are they? Why are the letting this obviously too old child, to run around like a crazed lunatic in a toddler play zone. It is unacceptable! I have taken the Big Kids, Sassy Gal and Video Dude to this play area in the past, and they always follow my rules and do not play on the equipment when there are little kids around. I simply tell them NO! And oh my goodness, They mind me!

I think parents need to remember that the mall playground does not babysit your children. You still must be an active parent and watch out after your child. If not for the safety of your own, at least for the safety of other children.


  1. I know what you are talking about, I cant take my 3 year old daughter without some kids being mean and pushy and my nephews and daughter can not play and the parents just dont care. Its sad. :(

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  3. How rude! Lazy parents... I'm sure that's why no one was supervising this child.

  4. I am telling you....We always say "what is with kids these days?" Well, it is their freaking parents.

  5. Glad to know I am not the only one! I do my best to teach Baby DIVA to be respectful on the playground, and when she is not I step in and enforce the good behavior. I wish others did the same!


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