Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Corpse Flower

You heard about this corpse flower thing? I mean if you live in Houston, Texas like me, and you watch or listen to any form of news then FOR SURE you must have heard about this "BIG" news here in town.

We have a Corpse Flower hanging out over in the Museum of Natural Science. And this flower is breaking headlines. Set to bloom at any moment, all the news channels have LIVE FEED on the Corpse Flower, so that not a soul will have to miss this fabulous flower in bloom. Oh and we now affectionately refer to Corpse Flower as "Lois".

So what makes this Corpse Flower so special? Well the Corpse Flower is incredibly rare. Only 28 have ever bloomed in the United States, Lois will make the 29th bloom. This specific flower also tickles the senses by stunning the eye with its beauty and slapping the nose with a horrible stench. And when I say horrible stench and incredible beauty I am not kidding!

The flower is currently about 5 feet tall and growing by the minute. Any moment Lois will open and reveal her beauty and her stench. The Corpse flower gained its name because when in bloom the smell (I have heard) is horrendous. Smells similar to that of rotting flesh. YUCK!! I have been told the noxious smell will tickle the nose for only about 12 hours post bloom, however the bloom shall stay open and beautiful for a tad longer, ranging up to 2 days.

I will admit I have been jumping online and checking the live feed throughout the day. I would love to see this flower in the flesh so to speak. But it is just not gonna happen; time, money, toddler, you know how it goes. You can take a spin over to the Museum of Natural Science and check it out yourself. The museum is staying open 24 hours a day until Lois makes her debut!

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  1. I thought this sounded pretty cool but obviously, living in Minnesota there is no way I'd get to see it. I was wrong! We have a Corpse Flower almost ready to bloom in the next few weeks right here in St. Paul- pretty crazy. Two in one month- how does that happen?


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