Thursday, July 15, 2010

La Finca Restaurant

The Pink Haired Momma clan tested out a local restaurant this weekend. A Mexican food restaurant. I have heard some rave reviews from friends and online and so we thought we would check it out. This place also has a playground for the tots, so I imagined H4L and I sipping on some authentic margaritas swirled about in someone else blender, while watching Baby DIVA romp around the playground and slide down the slide (her fav activity these days).

Ya, well that imaginary vision did not play out exactly like that. Its turned into a rather interesting evening, but no margs, no playground and well here let us chat...

Let me see where to start. Let us start with the good. The food was eatable. It was not the greatest, was not the worst, but was incredibly expensive for what it was. I mean I had cheese enchilada's, and they were good, but tasted similar to that which I could throw in the microwave and serve myself. So not my favorite food, but not spit it out and hide it under your napkin gross either. The place was clean and the service was excellent. Too excellent I might add. The waiter was a nice young gentleman who was friendly and did not mess up our order at all. The rest of the staff was very eager to help us at all times. They were very insistent on my H4L having his diet refilled before he was 1/4 of the way through it. Seriously, he was asked about 15 times, no exaggeration, if he wanted a refill. He kept saying in a little bit, not now. The staff stood by and watched us like hawks each time he took a sip, finally just coming a taking his glass away and refilling it when he was about 1/2 way through it. And then out of no where they brought me another full glass of soda, despite my original glass still being full. Guess they though we were really thirsty or something. It was quite humorous.

Now the bad. The staff being so eager to assist us kind of bordered on annoying. I did like that they were so attentive, however coming up and wiping the table, while we are still eating, each time Baby DIVA dribbled a little hot sauce or cheese worked my nerves. Not only because the invasion of our space, but Hello that dirty cleaning towel is now wiping the table and Baby DIVA is eating snack here, and you just used it ti wipe that table over there. GROSS invasion of the germs! Wait till we are done people! At least then I don't see you wiping germs on my table :)! And besides, I always clean the floor and wipe down the table before we leave the restaurant. Back off! Kindly annoying, to say the least. Then the playground was off limits while we were there. A private party had reserved the entire outdoor patio and playground area. Not a biggie, but annoying again to say the least.

Having nothing to do with the restaurant, we got some fun entertainment by eavesdropping on the patrons sitting in the booth behind us and got quite a tickle. Making the whole experience worth doing again. These patrons came to a Mexican restaurant, tex mex yummy delicious, fat engorged dining facility, and were all but throwing themselves on the floor demanding their foods be prepared without any grease WHAT-SO-EVER. Umm? Really? So we thought maybe they we order a taco salad. Then we hear, "And no vegetable please, and no Charo beans because they are cooked in bacon fat". REALLY?? no veggies, no bacon fat and no grease? Why the heck did you come to a Mexican food restaurant. WEIRD. But hysterical and still has us giggling several days later.

The atmosphere was fun and warm. It does have a great feel for families and a fun night of entertainment. Live music can also be found on the weekends in this friendly environment. The staff is incredibly attentive and the food was okay. I would like to test out the margaritas and playground in the future. I don't know if I will dine here again, but some chips, dips, and alcoholic beverages consumed while watching my TOT have a blast could be a great evening.

looking to test this place out? Click HERE for directions.


  1. OMG we were supposed to go there last weekend with a friend from high school, but his wife went into labor and they had their baby so we ended up not going. way too funny!!!! i ahve heard raves over it too. i am on a hunt to find a really good tex mex in the area, still have not found one

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  3. I love Mexican food, but you've got to find the right place! We have a couple of favorites, and the others we've tried are disappointments.


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