Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Children's Hilltop Theatre Festival

This morning Baby DIVA, Sassy Gal, Video Dude and my dear friend Love and I, met up at the Miller Outdoor Theatre for a fabulous FREE Children's festival of theatrical entertainment. This week from today Tuesday July 20 through Friday July 23 at 11am, the Express Children's Theatre is putting on various plays to captivate young audiences. And let me tell you it is calling a great crowd. I also ran into TWO really fabulous friends in my life that I haven't seen in ages whom were both toting their kids out in the heat for this fabulous FREE event.



Today the show was Three Billy Goats Gruff, a fabulous little tale about 3 goats wanting to cross the Grumpy troll's bridge to get the "greener" grass on the other side. The story line was adorable. The actors really engaged the kids and brought them into the story by having the kids act out the story line from their seats. Adorable! Simply adorable. The kids were entertained with a cute rendition of this tale and also were treated to a moral meaning throughout the story. Nicely done. There were no fancy stage decorations, lights, or anything of this nature. Just simply people using their imagination with minimal costumes and backdrops to entice young children to use their own imaginations. I was incredibly impressed and happy we attended.



Tomorrow at 11am the Hilltop Festival will feature The True Story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Thursday at 11am one can find the story of the Three Little Pigs gracing the stage.
And on Friday at 11am the Express Children's Theatre will present Jack and the Beanstalk.

After the play we wandered about Hermann Park , sweating our behinds off (wish i could have sweated a whole left cheek, but that's another story). We happened upon a lovely little spike head duck family and were lucky enough the receive some bread from a departing stranger to feed the Spikey Duck family. The kids had a ball. Baby DIVA however was a bit fussy at this point and decided it to be more fun to SCREECH at the ducks. Lovely. Yes I AM that parent!

In an attempt to cool us all off and to have a look at what other activities the fabulous Hermann Park has to offer, I loaded the kids and Love on to the park train and we went cruising. This was awesome. We cruised right through the park and I located our next adventure. A FANTABULOUS HUGE play area and splash pad and COVERED picnic area. I am all over it!


We plan to hit at least one more of the Hilltop Children's Festival performances and then suit up and hit the splash pad and playground for an afternoon and pure summer bliss. You too can enjoy these festivities! And the best part? Pack a lunch and the play, the picnic tables, playground and splash pad all provide you with an afternoon of pure summer bliss for not a dime! Enjoy! See you out there!


  1. Wish we had something like that here. Well the movie theater has free kids movies twice a week all summer, but the show them at 9am and that's a little early for me this summer. Maybe next year when Liam is older. We have a small splash pad but there is no place for the parents really.


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