Thursday, July 29, 2010

Koolaid Head

You know I got pink hair. There is NO denying it, hiding it or anything along those lines. So what to do when the tots in your life inquire about coloring their own heads a variety of colors?!? I can't exactly say "No! mature people don't do that", because ummm HELLO I did it and I am supposed to be the mature adult in their life. Hmmm, so what to do?

How about a Koolaid party? Koolaid doesn't do damage to their hair, and will wash out before schools starts! Hot diggity Dog! And by using Koolaid we can still keep this fun loving wild hair dying color experience kid friendly and they can still understand it is fun and should be done responsibly. LOL Off we went to the store to pick out our new hair dye!



We started by mixing up 2 packages of unsweetened koolaid (per color) with a bit of hair conditioner and water. Not too much as we want to make a paste, not a drink. You might need to wear rubber gloves to apply this to the kids hair, you don't want rainbow fingers, or perhaps you do. Rainbow fingers could be cool. However if you have to go out in the real world at some point you might really want to consider the gloves. Also take some Vaseline and wipe the kids faces around the hairline and ears, I know from experience ( I will not reveal if it is from my own pink hair experience or perhaps I might have forgot to Vaseline the kids, nope I wont tell you how I know this to be true) that these places absorb color! I know the kids might be monsters, but in all reality we don't want our precious monsters walking around with stained blue faces now do we? Okay Okay I know it can rustle up a giggle in our imaginary minds thinking of this, but PEOPLE we are responsible parents now. Mature parents at that!


So we have lathered the kids in Vaseline, are sporting some stylish rubber gloves, have mixed up the koolaid concoction and are ready to rock and roll. Decide where you want to place the color. I suggest to do either the whole head or perhaps some thick strips around the face, makes the application process pretty easy. We opted for Blue thick strips around Sassy Gals face and a rainbow of color on one side of Video Dudes head. Baby DIVA napped...she is not a "Kool" mature kid yet. Stayed tuned next summer.

Apply the color evenly and carefully, it is sticky so beware. Once you have applied the color wrap the area up in saran wrap and wait...and wait...and wait...for many hours. We waited about 5 hours. I also know for older kids this can be done before bed and they can sleep in the saran wrap, I opted to do this project at breakfast and remove color after lunch, just me though. So after waiting the 5 hours we rinsed and washed the hair. And you might want to mention this waiting process to the kids before you apply the koolaid, just saying.



Sassy Gal is sporting a fabulous shade of blue that took beautifully to her lightened by the summer sun blond hair. Video Dude has a shade darker of blond and therefore is remaining mysterious with just a hint of rainbow color revealed in a subtle hue as he stalks about the house. Both came out fabulous and the kids LOVE it!


  1. Hello! Just found your blog today. Love it! I just "kool-aided" my sons blonde hair today and the only thing I did a bit different is I wet the hair and then directly applied the powder to the wet area. It seemed to make striking and more bold difference. Thanks for the post. Blessings!


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