Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby DIVA Radar

What is up with Baby radar???

Seriously, I wonder how it is they always "know"! For instance, Baby DIVA is deep asleep during nap time. Say she is about 45 minutes into her 2 hour snooze. I am quietly sitting in the dining area and gently open my laptop. The silent sounds that creep out from the motion of laptop opening summon the Baby DIVA and before I can even open Internet explorer Baby DIVA is screaming well calling out MA MA MA MA! MA MA MA WHAT!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Another example is this. I KNOW you can identify. Mom and Dad finally have some alone time where mom isn't covered in nasty baby smell and dad isn't attached to the PlayStation. The mood is nice and the action begins to take place late late at night after Baby DIVA has been in bed for a good while. Just when things are starting to get EXCITING Baby DIVA yelps out "HEY MA MA MA"! Seriously! Come on!!

So here we are on the morning of my Bridal portraits. I am not your usual traditional bride but I am super excited about getting dolled up today and putting on my wedding dress and taking pictures. These pictures will be awesome for Baby DIVA to look back on one day. Well Baby DIVA set off her radar last night because she knew mom was up to something. She flat out refused and I mean REFUSED to sleep. I have no idea what her deal was! She tossed and turned and whined and cried and fussed and fussed and fussed!! So no sleep for this Pink Haired Momma equals some fabulous bags under the eyes for bridal pictures. Fabulous!

At least I will have a cool story to share with Baby DIVA as she looks back on these pictures some day. And we know after being all dolled up and feeling quite sexy and beautiful in my wedding gown will not result in some frisky playtime for mom and dad tonight because we KNOW without a doubt the Baby DIVA radar will be alerted!

And as a side note Baby DIVA is napping right now! Nice! An 8am nap because SHE needs her beauty sleep! LOL

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