Monday, September 14, 2009

Laughing at Life

Halloween is coming! Yippee! That also means my wedding. Lucky for Baby DIVA, this year she will be wearing the above lovely little dress for the event. Next year she may not be so lucky. She might just find herself out an about in a costume like this:

Or this...

Hahahaha! Yes I would do that to my kiddo, but only when she is really little and doesnt know any better! LOL If you are interested in learning more about these hysterical ideas have a little click HERE and head over to Martha Stewart for the How to's! If I see a baby lobster I will so be rolling on the floor!

Now this little goodie is quite appropriate, but I will admit I wore this exact costume not 5 years ago to a fabulous Halloween Party!


  1. My nephew was a lobster last year, and I giggled every time I saw him! (Now it would be even better with the pot though!)

  2. it really is so cute and keeps me laughing! I love it!


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