Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freshdeals Rock

I love shopping. But I do not love over spending. I enjoy treating my regular shopping trips like a game. The game being one in which I find the item I am on the hunt for at the best possible price. Therefore I get exactly what I want for rock bottom prices. I scour the Internet (most of my shopping is in fact done online) for the best deals and steals.

Recently, I was introduced to a fabulous website called Freshdeals. I took a little time to play around on Freshdeals and in no time I was hooked. This fabulous website offers not only an advanced search over a multitude of stores when I am searching a specific item; it also lists each item at each store out for me and displays the price in an easy to view manner. Therefore I am able to get a snapshot view of the item I want to purchase and at a quick glance can see which store has it listed at the absolute best price. I am so thrilled to pieces with this feature. I did a search for "cake cutter" and Freshdeals gave me 7 pages of results to look through. 7 whole pages of stores that were offering cake cutters! It was fabulous. I was able to glance at the price and a picture of the item before even having to traipse through each individual store that offered a cake cutter. Quickly I went from having tons of choices, to one choice then click and Voila!!!! I ordered my cake cutter. How awesome is that!

And that is not all this wonderful site has to offer. Oh No! It gets even better! I have been doing a ton of shopping lately in regards to wedding items and all that surrounds such a glorious event. Being a first time bride, sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and have no idea how to even go about choosing a cake cutter or toasting flute, let alone a garter or grooms gift. Luckily for me, Freshdeals offers a wonderful question and answer forum. I am able to ask a question about any product and get real time answers from merchants as well as other individuals with first hand knowledge. This feature is a godsend for a Bride to be who is planning her wedding. And it doesn't just stop with weddings. I was able to use this site also to help me pick out and purchase some items for Baby DIVA's upcoming first birthday party!! Freshdeals has an incredible amount to offer and has really helped me get products and items I am in need of for the price I want to pay!

I have added Freshdeals to my repertoire of favorite places and fully intend on using it for all my future shopping needs. Check it out and see how it can work magic for you too!!

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