Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday Tidbit

September is here. Fall shouldn't be far behind, well unless you live in this oven of a place known as Texas as we do. We don't really get to experience the cooling of temperatures and the change of seasons. We have summer and light summer and that is about it. So we just pretend. And go on about our business wearing Fallish clothes in 90 degree weather because we look cool. And we wait patiently for that first day of cool so we can start whipping up some heavy but yummy fall foods.

Today I am going to share with you a fabulous recipe that is so freaking yummy that my friends in high school used to wake my mom up when we would come home (by curfew of course), as youngings and ask her to PLEASE make it for us, at 1:00am in the morning. And you know what? It is so easy and simple my mom did. It is also great because most of the items are usually in your kitchen already and if not they are cheap to buy! It is a slightly heavy dish and so we tend to eat it in the cooler months, but can be dressed up with a salad or fresh steamed veggies to enjoy year round.

So what do you need?
1 package Ground turkey meat (ground beef for your beef eaters out there)
1 can Bush's Baked Beans
Block cheddar cheese cut into medium thick size strips
*1/4 small onion chopped thin
*2-3 garlic gloves minced

*these items can be used but are not necessary

How do you make it?
Heat your skillet over medium heat.

If you chose you can take the *items from above and give them a bit of a saute in the skillet at this point. If not then just proceed to next step.

Brown your ground turkey/beef in the skillet. (Now if you are using beef your flavor is perfect right now. If you are using turkey you may want to add in some ground cumin.)

After you turkey/beef is fully cooked then pour in the can of Bush's Baked Beans. Let the beans and meat simmer for a few minutes stirring occasionally.

Turn off Heat.

Lay the medium thick slices of cheese over the mixture of meat and beans so that cheese covers the entire mixture.

Place a lid on skillet and allow cheese to melt down.

Open lid. And it is time to EAT!

Looks like dog poo but tastes fabulous!

We LOVE this. You can eat it by itself of serve it over bread. You can make it in the kitchen or even over a campfire. It is so easy. So simple. So yummy!!


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