Monday, September 7, 2009

ZOLTAR is coming!!!!!

and many other wedding updates...
(this is quite long because we got a TON accomplished this weekend!!!)

My Bridal shower is coming up on September 26th. I am throwing it for myself along with my mom for a number of reasons, which we will not go in to. Just know that this Pink Haired Momma is gonna have a fabulous ttime at her self thrown party! It is a mad hatter theme party at my favorite restaurant! Currently I am working on the table decorations and favors for the party. All decorations are recycled. They are formula cans, graduate food cans and baby jars transformed into whimsical mad Hattery designs. I would show pics but as of now nothing is complete and it just looks like the Cheshire cat vomited all over our Hubbs-to-be office/Pink Haired Momma crafting room. I do promise as these decorations come to life I will post pics!!

Everything is on schedule thus far. Flowers, photographer, Bridge, suite, flights, masks, black wedding dress, hot pink hair, hubbs-to-be clothes, nanny, the works. It is all coming together. Nothing really new to report on the Vegas portion.
The invitations are printed and the evenlopes are stuffed! We just need to seal, stamp and drop in the box!! Woohoo! And I have to let everyone know that Hubbs-to-be designed, had printed, and stuffed every single one ofthese invites! YAY!! I have a helping hubbs-to-be (got him trained all ready, just kidding hun)!

Hometown reception!
This is the area we have been lacking in and the part that was stressing me out the most. Luckily my mom and I reserved an entire day last Friday and went to town getting plans in order. Our Hometown reception is going to be held at my Family's ranch one week after our official vows take place. We are hosting an all day family picnic type event. We want a fun filled family affair for all our friends and family to enjoy in honor of our union of love and family! Food and drinks will be bountiful all day as guests are free to come and go and their leisure. Each guest will be greeted with a welcome cocktail or juice box and then pointed in the direction of the photo booth and buffet. And yep I did say Photo booth! How cool is that! Our guests can pop in the booth anytime and get a cool photo strip of themselves to preserve the memories of our wedding! AWWWWW! I am just so excited about this little goodie!! Pics for everyone!!!

My favorite feature, so far, that will be at the reception is ZOLTAR!!! Do you remember the movie Big? The fortune teller machine that Tom Hank's character wished upon to be BIG? Well that machine Zoltar is going to be at MY RECEPTION!!! HMMMM wonder what I will be wishing for. And this ZOLTAR comes wit ha special microphone, just for me to carry around, and will allow me to "speak" through Zoltar to my guests within a 100 foot radius! AWESOME!!! I can be the voice behind my guests fortunes!! heeheee heee


We also will have an mini arcade that will house and assortment of games including guitar hero and the original Pac-Man. Seriously kids from age 2-80 are gonna love this arcade stuff we got going on! I am tickled pink! We also have a DJ that is fluent in English and Spanish and also has a huge assortment of English and Spanish music. This is totally fabulous since we are merging a Spanish and English speaking family. Hubbs-to-be was in charge of this task and did a fabulously fantastic job in choosing the prefect person! Also to bring in the culture of my new family, we are going to have a mariachi band performing at various times throughout the day. We are toying with the idea of having a gigantic obstacle course bounce house and trackless train. Both of these are weather dependent and so we are hesitant but will make a final decision shortly. The plan is to have a lounge like atmosphere in a picnic plan. Many tenty canopy things will be installed (49 to be exact) and placed about in the 3 acre perimeter where the party will be contained. Lots of comfortable seating and tables will be placed to allow out guests to mingle with each other in small or large groups in total comfort. All kinds of games will be placed to keep people entertained until the alcohol begin to flow in their veins. Cards, domino's, board games, horseshoes, croquet, etc. Kids and adults alike will be able to have a fabulous time at the family reception to celebrate the union of Pink Haired Momma and Hubbs-to-be!

Now on this awesome day at approximately 3:30pm, which will be exactly 1 week after our official marriage vows are spoken. We will have a small ceremony so those who can not attend our Las Vegas nuptials can still witness the joining of our two souls. We are going to have a tree panting ceremony. My dad is choosing a tree and a location close to the main house at our ranch. Hubbs-to-be, Baby DIVA and myself will then plant this tree in honor of our new family. Then for many years and generations to come we can watch our tree grow on our family's land as our family continues to grow and branch out. During the ceremony we will be playing a recording of our vows in Vegas as well as a slide show of pictures from the Las Vegas trip for all our guests to hear and see. Upon completion of this unifying event we will have a balloon release. All our guests will receive a balloon that has a card on it. We will invite them to write on the card a wish for the future, be it for themselves or us is solely left to their discretion. Each card will also indicate that if it is found to please come to and let us know. We want to see how far our wedding wishes will be carried, hoping for around the globe! LOL.


That is about it so far. Guests are invited to eat, drink and be "marry". They can grab their pics in the photo booth upon arrival and departure (and many times in between), snag a bag full of M&M's with our faces on it to gobble up on the way home and share the laughter and joy of our wedding with us! We are different and unique and ( Black wedding ddress, hot pink hair, and a masquerade ball theme VEGAS ceremony on Halloween) but we hope everyone can have a fantastic time in celebration of our love and our family!


  1. Your wedding sounds fabulous! I could totally see it on one of those wedding shows on TLC or something. You and the hubbs-to-be are so creative!

  2. That sounds awesome! I'm extra-excited about Zoltar. I worked on the touring production of BIG the musical and one of my jobs was to roll out Zoltar, then sit inside during 2 whole song and dance numbers, then roll him off. (I was the only one small enough to fit.) The photo booth is a great idea. Sounds like things are coming together! Woo hoo!

  3. Rikki! Thanks so much! we just want everyone to have fun at a totally different affair!! I love watching those shows on tv! they inspire me!

    Jen L! how fun to be in the BIG production! Zoltar is too cool. I have to say that is my fav thing so far! well except for being married to hubbs to be that is!!


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