Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So much for lucky 09-09-09!
The day brought nothing but trouble.
If you read my earlier post you know today started off rough. Well it got worse. No Bridal pics due to the first rain storm in 4 months! Oh Lucky me! Here are some pics from today, so far!

Back of my Head

Profile of a woman mad at the rain
Check out Baby DIVA's exhausted face! Thats what happens when you dont sleep all night little one!!

Jamie and Me: Jamie does fabulous make-up!!!


  1. So lovely! too bad it rained, total bumber!

    so my hubby is always saying that we look alike that we could be twins, and i never really saw it until this pic of us, we do look like we could be twins! heheh too funny! he says it creeps him out sometimes!

  2. lovetoshopmom!
    we do look a lot alike. i never took notice. ha!

  3. Lolly!
    Thank you! It was fun despite no pics!

  4. Ok can I just say your hair is friggin awesome. I could totally hang out with you. Which is funny bc I'm very traditional these days..blah no color, nothin. My best friend in high school had a different hair color under the rainbow every other week.

  5. Cat!
    Thank you. I love it! It really is fun having pink hair. And it is hysterical to see the looks on peoples faces when i am walking towards them!!


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