Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding Masks

Most of you know that Pink Haired Momma is going to marry Hubbs-to-be on Halloween this year in a masquerade ball theme at the fabulous Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Well we searched and searched for the perfect masks for ourselves and our bridal party to wear during the ceremony. I wanted something fun and unique, yet comfortable.

Hubbs-to-be and I have finally found the perfect masks. We contacted the company and let them know we would like to place an order and what it was for. They responded and were so incredibly excited as well. So much so that they are offering a great deal to our friends and family, and you if you are in the market for a new masquerade mask. Visit their store A Masquerade and look at all their fabulous masks. upon finding the mask you want give them a call and VOILA you get 10% off if you just tell them Pink Haired Momma sent you. Isn't that FABULOUS? Totally cool!!

They offer masks that have been previous worn. Therefore you get fabulous masks that are in excellent condition but are not priced as brand new. As you know this is right up my alley; and couple that with the discount and you can not beat it! Really. Trust me! I have been searching everywhere for masks!

Here are some pics of the mask we have chosen for our wedding party and ourselves.

Pink Haired Momma Mask

Hubbs-to-be Mask

Groomsmen Mask

Bridesmaid mask

You may notice that Hubbs-to-be has the only full face mask. We chose this on purpose. I will not be wearing a viel of any kind. Instead, Hubbs-to-be will lift his mask and I will kiss him to seal of marriage. Awwww!

What do you think of the masks we have chose for our wedding? Be honest! It wont hurt my feelings, but I will get all giddy inside if you talk about how cool they are! LOL
Now, Go check out the website A Masquerade and see what other goodies they have to offer that you could be wearing right now!


  1. I love them! They are gorgeous.

  2. I LOVE them and I adore the idea of him lifting the mask....u are by far my coolest friend!!~ Twin

  3. They're amazing! Well done in finding cool masks. I remember looking for some for a ball and it was tough as they were so expensive. Your wedding sounds like its going to be magical!


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