Sunday, September 13, 2009

Formula cans, Egg crates & Baby food jars??

I have been squeezing in time between domesticated Pink Haired Momma duties, Granny watching, and diaper changing to bring out the crafty funky fun side of this Pink haired momma. It seems to be going well, in the few moments a day I get to play.

My Bridal shower is fast approaching. The Mad Hatter theme is well in place. I have arranged for a fabulous lunchy feast with wonderful adult beverages to be in arms reach from all my guests. Extra feast and no drinks for my BFF K-teach and her bun in the oven of course!! My mom has arranged for our token male visitor. nope not a stripper. It will be a lovely Mad Hatter who will judge the contest of best hat! Prizes to be awarded of course!

All of my decorations and favors are from recycled items that we have used. You're shocked and surprised right? Lets see, the centerpieces started out as formula cans. The favors started out as baby food jars and egg crates. Are you intrigued? Curious as to what the heck this Pink Haired Momma has cooking? Well I snapped a few pics of my "Project", still in pieces, still looking like the Cheshire cat vomited in the craft room, to tickle your fancy! Enjoy the tiny preview!! More to come as nap time allows!


  1. I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like!

  2. You are sooo crafty girl.. you need to post pix of the event....


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