Saturday, September 12, 2009

Did we plant that?

Hubbs-to-be and myself love to eat healthy. Well okay we just love to EAT, but we do try and eat healthy but we fail sometimes. We attempted this year to grow our own vegetables, some made it, some did not. Despite our homegrown veggies not exactly producing as we expected, we still hit up the farmers market and have been drying seeds to start our new garden for next year.

One homegrown that we would love to grow but are not exactly sure how to grow, at least the right kind, is mushrooms. We have talked about learning but have decided not to attempt to grow this edible wonder any time soon.

Well that was before we went out for some backyard tidy time and relaxation. Hubbs-to-be summoned me to the backyard to show me the trophy he found as he began the horrid task of grass cutting in the Houston heat. This is what we discovered growing all by its self in our lovely garden!

Jumbo shroom!!!


  1. Wow look at the size of the Mushroom, thats not small lol and without even trying too!!
    I to am a grow your own fruit and veg momma! Some of my attempt have failed really badly and others have done really well, funny thing is I have never grown mushroom but was thinking about it for next years goodies list! Still abit scared with mushrooms! I get my boys to help me plant them as they are only 2 and 3 years old so its all a big adventure to them!
    Hubby, well, he cultivates the land ready for me to work my magic as he kindly puts it!
    I think I'm gonna enjoy reading your blog, seems like we have a lot in common xx

  2. Pixie Allen! Thank you for adding my button. I am doing the same!
    We didnt grow these mushrooms or well we didnt plant them. they just popped up! We are scared too to really grow them ourselves! LOL


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