Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My disease...GONE???

I have the most amazing news ever!!!

I recently went for a checkup with my CIDP doctor. I went through the usual exam with him and then I brought up the possibility of future children. I thought this would embark a on conversation that would lead to high risk pregnancy talk, yet again. Well to my shock and amazement the conversation took a turn I never in a million years would expect.

Dr. sat me down and said in looking at all my recent test results, he believes my disease has dissipated. As in hit the road running from my body! My test results looked to him as normal as any other healthy individual, certainly not a CIDP victim! I just about passed out! Seriously! After almost 10 years of treatment, 2 of those spent hanging out paralyzed from the neck down and hospital bound, I am about to make a radical change and come off ALL the medicine that I have always thought would be in my life for ever. This is one relationship I am so ready to sever as quickly as possible! So Dr. says he would like to wean me off my IGG infusions first. The next one is due around Thanksgiving. We are just going to not do it and see what happens, and yes I will be seen by my dr and monitored closely. If all goes well without the IGG infusion we are going to move on to my oral meds of Imuran and see if I can come off of it completely as well. HOLY CRAP!!! Totally medicine free!! I am still in such shock!

So if this exciting adventure pans out to be my new way of life, then many new doors are going to open for me. I will not be a "sick" person anymore. A title I am more than happen to vanquish from my life as well as alert my health insurance company to. I will once again after 10 years be able to sink my teeth into BEEF!! OH!! How I long for a big old beef patty burger! YUMMY!! 10 years with no beef is a killer. Being pregnant with no beef is a killer. I literally drank bottle after bottle of A-1 sauce trying to compensate for my lack of beef while pregnant with Baby DIVA. ( oh if you are wondering there is a slight chance eating beef could stimulate the autoimmune response of my disease. And I am sorry I don't like being paralyzed from the neck down so I just didn't want to take a chance!!) Pregnancy will be an ease. No high risk precautions needed! And a really big option that will now be available for me to think about...if I have another child and I am not on medicine, Breastfeeding my child will be possible! Wooohooo!!! So awesome!! I will be NORMAL!!!!!! The fears of Hubbs-to-be getting laid off and us losing health insurance will no longer plaque me, and I must tell you this is a terrible fear for us! No health insurance for a sicky person basically is a death sentence!!! No more treatments or rather days stuck inside with an IV attached to my arm and Baby DIVA wishing momma could hold her!

The list can go on and on. most of all I am just thrilled we are going to try and pull me off the meds. If all goes well this time next year CIDP will be part of my history rather than part of who I am!! Keep your fingers crossed for me PLEASE!!!!!


  1. I am so happy for you and I will pray that you never have to deal with this again!

  2. OMG that is AMAZING!!! I bet it had to do with Baby Diva. Being pregnant and giving birth can do amazing things.


  4. Thanks to everyone! I am still in shock and so excited. I am hoping to report in december that all is well and I am off meds!! Fingers crossed!!!

  5. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! This is so awesome!!!

  6. Chelsea! Thanks! I am still so shocked and so excited!!!


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