Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post Bridal Shower

My Mad Hatter Bridal Shower was a hoot! I had so much fun and it was an absolutely fabulous time seeing all my friends, old and new, in one place having fun with each other. All my time and effort that was spent in the weeks leading up to this great event were definitely rewarded by seeing the smiles, laughter, and fun on my friends faces! Totally enjoyable!

Now of course there was some drama that came with my Bridal Shower. I mean Pink Haired Momma can not have a shower without some DRAMA!! So what happened? We had one non drinking guest get in a car accident on the way to the "slumber party" location. Why and How you ask? Well our goofy cab driver paid us no attention when we told him the hotel name. He, I guess decided we were in some other hotel of his own choosing. Interesting. Upon pulling into the wrong hotel parking lot we shared the fact with him yet again that we were in a different hotel, and then it happened. Cabbie took us on a "cab" style ride. Darting in and out of traffic in Saturday evening Houston Galleria Traffic while 6 cars are following the cabbie. Not so cool. And our tail got smushed. Bummer. I felt terrible, but the unlucky driver took it pretty good. Memories. I will be toasting my friend and her Bridal Shower car bang up in Las Vegas in a mere month!
My camera battery went pffzzz right after I finished setting up for the shower. So I only have a few pics to share. Luckily my fabulous friend, Kanda, stepped right up and took tons of pictures for me. I should have the disc in a few days to share with you the FUN pictures.

I know you must be itching to see what the heck the decorations looked like. I babbled on the last few weeks about it so much. Everytime Baby DIVA took a nap I was working on Bridal Shower. Here is the final outcome:

Where is the party?

As you enter, you are greeted by candy jars beckoning you to "eat me"

close up of the "eat me" favors: all recycled from Baby DIVA food jars and egg crates

Mad Hatter suckers

I loved how this came out. All the Favors lined up in front of the fountain

Before everyone arrived, My Bridal Shower Patio

The Door

Kirk! Our Mad Hatter Judge!
In a few days I will be able to show you some up close pictures of the centerpieces and giant flowers. Not that the patio needed much in the way of Decorations, Hugo's Patio was fabulous just all by itself. As well as all the waiters and staff. They did a fantastic job and were wonderful! Big Thanks to everyone over at Hugo's for making my shower such a yummy and perfect success!!

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