Thursday, September 10, 2009

**Giveaway** My Pair Tree

Howdy folks!

I want to bring a little something to your attention! My good buddy Lovetoshopmom is hosting a totally fun and fabulous giveaway over on her momma blog. You need to scamper over and give it a look! Not only is she hosting a cool giveaway but she has some awesome other goodies workin!

What is "My Pair Tree" all about? It sounds awesome to me. Especially since I am very very very fond of the flip flop! I took this little blurb from the Lovetoshopmom blog to explain just what it is...

"Summertime and flip-flops go together like songbirds and tree branches; but keeping your home organized with endless pairs of flip-flops lying around can be frustrating. When Mary Ellen Hathorn grew tired of the endless hunt for her grand daughter's shoes, her solution was a hanging shoe organizer that would become My Pair Tree.My Pair Tree's unique design creates a customized space for hanging your flip-flops within easy reach. The long colorful ribbons have durable hooks for holding 6 pairs of flip-flops, sandals, or flat shoes. A ring at the top makes it easy to hang the organizer on a closet door, over a clothes hanger, or on the wall for an effect that is both decorative and functional. With plenty of ribbon styles to choose from, including animal prints and camouflage, My Pair Tree will complement just about any decor. When summer is over and it is time to put away your favorite summer footwear, My Pair Tree keeps your flip-flops and sandals neatly stored until next year. Or, use My Pair Tree year round to organize all of your accessories. Not just for shoes, My Pair Tree is a convenient way to organize jewelry, scarves, belts, small handbags, hats and men's ties. With a couple of My Pair Trees in your home, all of your shoes and accessories can be manageable and easy to find.Several color varieties of My Pair Tree are available every day at www. Choose your favorite style and discover the joys of an organized home. My Pair Tree is truly a hanger that fits any pair."

Pretty cool huh? I thought you might think so. Now go on, Get over to Lovetoshopmom blog and enter to win. Have a look around her blog while you over there. She has some pretty fabulous stuff rockin over there!


  1. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen, it's such a clever idea! I'm defiantly entering.

  2. I think I'll pass on this one, lol, after my recent flip flop adventure down the stairs!

  3. Riki! I think it is super cool too! very simple and very clever!

  4. Redhead Riter! Thanks! yours as well. I have been subscribed to you for some time now, and just found your follow button too. HA! the pink hair got to my brain! thanks for stopping by!

  5. Oh mrsb!! i am so sorry! No flip flops for you! I will find something special for you to enter!! LOL


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