Saturday, March 27, 2010

Houston Area Mommies

I know I have readers from all over the world and I think that is fabulous. I love the momma bloggin has connected me with such a diverse geographical group of people. It makes me so excited.

Today I want to share some information that is for my local readers. I am a member of a completely fabulous mom group here in the Houston area. Seriously this group is phenomenal. The women I have met in this organization are like sisters to me. We can chat about anything from recipes to how to beat PPD to catching our backyard grills on fire. Oh and we talk about our kids too. We also get together on a regular basis for playdates, moms night out, family days, book clubs, charity events, you name it. It is really wonderful to have a group of women with like minds, ie motherhood, that I can go to and talk to, have fun with and be friends with.

Now that I have gushed like a hormonal woman about how much I love this group, I would like to invite all Houston Area Moms to come and join this incredibly fantastic group. We have a community website. You are welcome to come have a look and see if we are a great fit. Check us out at You wont regret it!

And for all of you fabulous readers out there that are not in the Houston Area, I have a little something for you too. My fabulous mom group is just one branch of a huge organization! It just might be that there is a group in your city too! Have a look and see!


  1. That sounds like an awesome support system! Working at home doesn't leave a lot of time for mommy groups for me unfortunately!

  2. I signed up last night after reading this. I have become a follower through IV friends. Now I am ready to get out and mingle with some Houston momma's...I NEED IT!!!

  3. Vicki it is awesome to have a moms group. I lve the support as majority of my friends do not have toddlers!!

    Erin I am so excited you joined HAM! Cant wait to see you around the forums and at events!


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