Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unleash the Pink #6

We have been at this Unleash the Pink Challenge now for 6 weeks. How are you feeling? Are you still using your collage board to focus in on some of the important attributes and characteristics you would like to develop within yourself? Have you improved on your vices, eating less? Exercising more? Are you making sure to SPARKLE every day?

Unleash the Pink is meant to help you remember that you DO have a sexy fun loving woman inside hidden under the mom title. You can still have fun, be empowered, be sexy, laugh and love life to the fullest even with a baby on your hip. The challenges set forth in the PINKY DARES are set up to be fun, challenging and thought provoking, but most of all to help you and inspire you to bring out that sexy fun loving hot momma hidden under the burp cloths!

This last week I asked you to recall 3 wild and crazy events in your history and evaluate them. Did they help shape who you are today? Would you repeat the behavior you exhibited in these events now? Why or why not? Either answer you give will ultimately help you see that this event has shaped you in one way or another. It helped you become the fascinating woman you are today. Without these events you would not have gained the experience, the knowledge, the memories, good or bad, and therefore would not house within yourself the ability to learn from these experiences.

Many of you have said you are not ready yet to share with the world these events from your past. I can totally understand that. I totally respect that, however, I am going to going to take the lead, begin to lay the path and stand up, Pink Hair Flowing and let the world hear my 3 wild and crazy events. When you are ready, sometime in the future, share with me yours.

1. The day I left college (round 1) and moved back to Houston to live with my boyfriend. I guess I should have known this would end in disaster, when en route as I happened upon Huntsville, a police barricade of the freeway stopped me and my poor cat in the Hot May weather of Texas in our tracks, as the police searched the area for an escaped convict with a gun. Nice. RED FLAG!! But you know what I was worried about most, and please remember this was before cell phones and TIVO, I was upset that I was going to arrive late and miss 90210! Priorities!
2. After a particular unruly Christmas with the family, I decided at the ripe age of 27 I would throw away my single life in the city and buy a home in suburbs, all by myself. After arriving home to my single apartment on December 28, I was approved, found, bought and moved into this house before Valentines Day. WOW! Huge life changer and so fast.
3. The day my daughter was born. By far, this was the wildest most crazy experience I had ever and still have ever encountered. It has definitely changed my world forever.

Now on to the Frivolous PINKY DARE from last week. How many of you baked a pie and ate every bite of it? I hope that with each bite, you not only enjoyed the sweetness and delicious flavors, but that you also could taste your time, your passion and your energy. I hope that you were able to enjoy something YOU created. From the beginning of the recipe until the end, you were in charge. You decided how much flour, how much sugar, how much chocolate. You decided how long to bake the pie. You decided when and where you would eat the pie.

Well that is kind of like your life. YOU decide what ingredients go into your life. YOU decide what those ingredients will make up, and YOU decide when and where you will live your life. I really want you to think about this. If you want to be a sexy fun loving woman, YOU make that decision. YOU house the confidence to do so. YOU are a sexy fun loving woman and YOU must decide how to share that with your life. Ponder this and make it happen!

Unleash the Pink #6
You have heard reference a fabulous book here on Unleash the Pink before, I Am Diva! has some incredible exercises within its pages that really do help one build some confidence. This week I am taking our challenge directly from the I Am Diva! pages. It is too good a challenge and is so fitting in our path to being a Sexy fun loving woman that I could not come up with something better on my own. So here it is:

I PINKY DARE you to buy yourself a DIVA doll. Any doll you want as long as you like it. Now go and get the ugliest string you can find and cut it into about 12 inch pieces, each piece representing a rule in your world that needs to be broken. Now tie these string pieces around your special doll in various places. Think about the rules that each string represents. Think about why you follow these ridiculous rules. Every time you break one of these stupid daily rules you follow but are not sure why, break a piece of string and remove it from your doll. You are breaking and removing yourself from the rules that keep your from being a Sexy fun loving woman.

Frivolous PINKY DARE of the week is this: Wear your shirt or skirt inside out. See how many people take the time to let you know it is on inside out. When someone alerts you to this obvious mistake you have made, inform them that you are superstitious and that is bad luck to change the shirt once you have worn it inside out. Tell them you do not tempt fate. Watch their reactions and smile!

I am not affiliated in any way with the authors, book or any marketing of the book I Am Diva! . I just really enjoy the information within this modern day guide to living your life DIVA style. This book is just a tool in my research for Unleash the Pink, and a great tool at that.

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