Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unleash the Pink #5

Welcome back to another Thursday and another round of Pinky Dares! How did this week go for you? Were you able to take on the characteristics of someone you admire and implement them into your own life for one day? How did you feel when doing so? Were you able to feel a difference knowing that you DO have these characteristics hidden inside you, ready to come out and play? And how about initiating that fabulous intimate moment with your significant other? How did that pan out? Well I sure hope you learned a lot from this exercise and that you were able to gain perspective on what you can and can not do within yourself.

I took the challenge and took on the persona of a friend of mine, unannounced to this person of course. In fact as I tell you about the characteristic I assumed, she may begin to notice herself. I stole the fabulous mommy characteristic from my friend. This individual is an amazing mother. She is so devoted and wise and is an envy to the kind of parent I dream of being. She once said in passing, she doesn't want to miss a single moment with her children, therefore the computer, the dishes, the laundry can all wait until they go to bed, or until forever as far as she concerned, as long as she is an active participant in life of her children. She said their happiness is her happiness. In not so many words. This is a major characteristic I want to gain. I want so badly learn to push everything aside and just enjoy the moment of my daughters laughter, even if those moments last 12 solid hours. I want to be able to look past my must have to do and enjoy the spur of the moment passions and cherish the time and love I have with my daughter. So for one day, I did. And it was AMAZING!! I threw away all cares of dishes, laundry, dust and computers and just basked in the glow of my daughter and all she is. I have never felt more happy and energetic than I felt this day. Thank you my friend for being an inspiration! I am now working to make this dream a permanent reality in my world!

Oh and I also took the frivolous challenge and surprised my H4L with a intimate moment. Which is a private moment between us and all you need to know is I took the challenge!

Unleash the Pink #5
This week I PINKY DARE you to take a long look at who you are and list out 3 times in your past where you have participated in a crazy, ridiculous something. Whatever it is, pick your top 3. ( i would love for those bold bloggers out there to share this on their blog and link back, but understand if you are not ready.) Now have a look at these 3 ridiculous events. Did any of these events provoke a you-ism? Can you see how these events although wild and wacky may have actually been a fabulous experience that matured your soul? In looking back have you chosen a wild and wacky moment in your history that helped define yourself today? Would you repeat these events? If you said no, re evaluate as to why it was acceptable in your past but is not now. What is so different from those wild days about you today?

Frivolous PINKY DARE of the week: Bake a pie from scratch and then devour the whole thing! Enjoy every bite of it and while you eat it focus on the fact that your time, money, energy and passion went into baking this deletable treat, kind of like your time, energy and passion go into making your life and yourself sexy, fun-loving and fabulous!


  1. I really tried to take on the characteristics of someone else but the me was like hello I am back.. LOL....

    I so want to be like the diggers mom she is so calm and sweet and patient... um ya that didn't happen well maybe for a few hours LOL..

    Hey I tried..

    OH no am i not going to post those things I did ROFL.....

  2. Omg your pie looks delicious! What kind is it & can I have the recipe? Yumm...

  3. You really are an inspiration! Oh and I am so not ready to post about those things:)

  4. I am so excited you guys are participating. It maks my heart flutter! Thanks so much! Now lets Unleash the Pink and be those sexy fun loving ladies we all are!

  5. You reminded me that I really want to focus on my daughter more. I get distracted by things that do not matter as much as she does.


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