Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Momma Inch

You finally get the baby to sleep, whether it is a snoozit (nap as we call them), or night night time. This doesn't matter. Simply, the baby is sound asleep.

Thank goodness, freedom!

A little while into the babes slumber, some circumstance or another arises that draws you into close proximity of the crib, be it you are making sure your kid is still breathing, you might be putting a toy in the child's room, whatever it may be you are near the crib.

And then it happens. Baby stirs.

You hit the floor.

Flat as a pancake, or well a lumpy swollen pancake in my world. You lay there flat as a lumpy swollen pancake for a moment, hoping, praying, not breathing; if I just lay in lumpy in silence babe will go back to sleep. After another moment or two you breathe again realizing the babe is in fact asleep. Not wanting to take a chance your slowly take your lumpy self and "inch" crawl your way out the door. You reach the door, satisfied with yourself and your extended freedom of at least a few more minutes.

You my friend have just completed the Momma inch! Have you ever done this? Share your story with me! I must do this at least once a week. In fact, I am writing this post only minutes after completing my own "Momma inching"! You would think I would just learn to stay out of the babies room, but I am quite hard headed!


  1. haaaa we check on Lily before we go to bed each night and there are sometimes when we are covering her back up, she pops up or opens an eye and my hubby and I both hit the door running... a mad sprint out the door in hopes she didn't see us. Last week, she pops up and goes "Daddy?". We didn't turn back, ha. She went back to sleep, whew!

  2. Lol - we do the mad dash to the door too. We have a heavy sleeper, so going into his room is not usually tricky, but there are times when he is not asleep YET and then we're in trouble.

  3. I am so happy that Baby Diva is FINALLY sleeping! Now you know what it's like to sleep in to a normal momma time of 7! :) I am constantly doing the momma inch! Last night my little diva was talking in her sleep ALL NIGHT, and i went to check on her a few times and doing the momma inch in fear of her waking up!

  4. LOL! I've done this. And the mad dash to the door. My personal favorite is the wall grip. You hang onto the edge of the doorway and try to peek at your kid. If they stir, you use the wall to propel yourself back outside the room so they don't see you.

  5. I'm laughing so hard b/c I can't tell you how many times I've cursed the squeaky floorboard or the random toy I've tripped over going out the door! What gets me is when you want them to sleep, you try to be quiet, and they wake up. Then, when you're trying to rush out the door, it takes a freight train to wake them up!

  6. Ha ha! I have done that many times :-)
    In my little ones room now the floor squeaks in a few places so I have to "dance" around to get to the door LOL...aaaahhh the things we do to keep the little ones asleep.

  7. I have an award for your on my blog. Check it out.



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