Sunday, March 28, 2010

Savvy Tot School

Baby DIVA is like a sponge. She learns something new everyday. Every day is I am so amazed at her, the amount of knowledge she gains, the funny "new" something that she does, it is all breathtaking. She really is enjoying her Savvy Tot school. This last week we worked on Senses. At the beginning of the week I thought I would do a different sense each day, well toddlers don't really work with what you plan. I ended up just using our every day life and pointing out various sensory moments to Baby DIVA. We felt all kinds of material in her toy box. We heard many different sounds, like birds, and dogs, and airplanes, while relaxing at the park.

Next week will not only provide Baby DIVA lessons in Gardening, but will also harness another new found skill for Baby DIVA. Pink Haired Momma will begin taking care of a 7 week old Baby K-Dude 3 days a week, Baby DIVA will not be the only babe in the castle. Life lessons begin to take shape this week at our place! As wee tend the the garden in the backyard, Baby DIVA will learn the fine art of sharing momma's time.

I will let you know how that goes!


  1. You know, she is a sponge and learning so much cuz her momma is so patient and loving and teaching her so well ;)

    I have been having problems with comments too, I finally discovered that on some blogs, if you click on the home page it will let you leave a comment that way

  2. Vicki you are such a doll! Thank you for the compliment. I adore you blog and visit you almost everyday, i just wish the comments worked better. I think it is me though, as it happens on other blog i visit too, lately!


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